Can I have my CDs or should I throw them away?

I’ve read that it’s a big “No No” to have something on the sides in your room between the speakers and your ears and what do you think, will my 2 small “CD-furnitures” make my sound that much worse?

I wouldn’t worry about the CDs that much.

The weasel has to go, though. :smile:


That is not a weasel, but a diffuser.


Yes, and Shaina is (truly) an absorber I had specially made to me.


I have moved the “Short & Thick” one now but I’ve no good place for the “Tall & Thin” one so I let “him” stay where he is.

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If you like the way your system sounds, who cares? If you don’t, try moving things around, one thing at a time (starting with the speakers)

The racks are just adding to the mid/hi dispersion. That’s good.
I would use bookends or something to tighten up the CD’s so they don’t resonate.
Nice system!
Shock the weasel!

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I think you should throw them away. I’ll give you an address to “throw them away” to lol

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I moved a few hundred of my CDs into binders… keeping front and back cards.
I have a small rack 50+/-of my MFSLs and other collectible CDs. It was a good move for me. It freed up space and improved the view.

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I’m a bit unhappy with the soundstage, the 3D perspective, that’s way I’m asking.

Geez, move them and find out.


The weasel though. That’s a given.

I doubt they have any real impact at all.

After years of audiophiles thinking vinyl sleeves, as well as books on bookshelves, act as diffusers/absorbers someone actually measured it some time ago. They had essentially no effect.

My strong suspicion is a few jewel cases similarly have little to no effect.

But the only way to really know is to move them.


Rip all your CDs to a NAS server and store all of them in a cupboard somewhere. Problem solved! :yum:

I’ve ripped all my CD’s & SACDs already so I have them on a hard drive but I will stay away from using it as long as I can since I’m MUCH happier using my CDs & SACDs instead.
Holding & looking at the CD-box and disc.

Much more fun for me than just having a computer file somewhere that I can play.
Almost so I equally well could just listen to the radio, kind of.