DIY or Quality RCA to 1/4" recommendation

I am hooking my Roland keyboard to an Adcom amp… All I can find are cheap $15 cables on Amazon. I don’t want to spend $150, but jees, $15 cables only?

RCA male to 1/4" TR male

Any recommendation? Maybe I should just make my own. What do you think? Decent bulk unbalanced cable?

The musical instrument business is ripe for some better cables. The keyboard uses “sampling” for many of its sounds. In other words, when you press a key, you are playing back a recording albeit with some mods. This is just simple playback and could benefit from better-than-crap cables.

Bruce in Philly

There are many options which are available for musicians’ use, such as Mogami’s RCA to 1/4". You can but these at any pro cable supply house, or have them make something for you out of your cable and connectors of choice. E.g., click

If you prefer to pick something up, Guitar Center typically carries Monster and a couple of other brands.

Lots of options.

Thanx… this stuff did not show up on Amazon. I just assume they have it all. Wrong…

Bruce in Philly

You can also buy 1/4" to RCA adaptors from Parts Express.