Loose RCA cables with DirectStream mk1 dac?

Hello, I just bought an mk1. The two rca cables I have that are tight on other dacs and audio devices are super loose on my mk1 dac. Is this a thing with mk1? Can anyone recommend RCA’s (somewhat budget friendly) that are snug on the mk1? Thanks

How long and what do you consider budget friendly? Also in the US or other?

i need 2 or 3 feet, in U.S., maybe up to $100. i was also wondering if i should just try crimping my current plugs a bit with pliers.

You can try it working very gently around in a circle. Generally Wireworld RCA’s have a tighter fit than other brands if you can find a used pair of Oasis 7 or 8.

I’d suggest Blue Jeans Cables RCAs, nothing fancy and gets the job done. Available direct from Blue Jeans Cable or possibly Amazon. I recommend the techflex for a small upcharge.

Blue Jeans Stereo Cabes - RCA Pair


Another option and if you don’t like them or don’t work out send them back.

oh those are very interesting. is that screw i see on those oasis 8’s to make it a tighter fit? that would be exactly what i need

I’ve got a fill set of Oasis cables I use in a secondary system and they are very solid cables. The screw holds the outer black shell to the inner part where the wire is soldered. As a rule Wireworld’s RCA’s are the tightest fitting that I have encountered short of the much more expensive adjustable type like WBT’s. I always used XLR’s with my Mk I so no idea if the RCA plugs are a non-standard size.

mk1 seems non standard since my cables are all fine with all of my other dacs and audio components with rca jacks. very strange

going to try blue jeans and see how that one fits. i know BJ is a good cable

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It will depend on what connector they are using on the LC-1 as to whether or not they are a tighter fit.

Maybe try some cables with locking connectors?
Many on the market from budget on up


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I’ve found the RCA connectors on my DS DAC Sr to be loose as well. Sometimes when I’m fiddling about with power cords, footers, etc. one of the DAC’s connectors will lose contact and needs to be properly reseated for the connection to be made. Locking connectors as suggested is one solution.

the blue jeans cables arrived. issue solved!

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If you intend to keep the MK1 and want to use whatever cable you want you can upgrade to better RCA Out.

A decent repair shop or a place that rents sound and stage lighting should be able to do the work if you can’t.

I prefer WBT Nextgen, but they are expensive. These cost much less and are a huge improvement over stock: