DMP on the Fritz

Lately my DMP has been giving me problems.
Sometimes certain discs take forever to load and play, other times they don’t play at all, or worse yet, the player freezes up and I have to a reboot to wake the DMP up.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I may be able to do from my end? Burn sage and perform a ceremony perhaps?

Perhaps reload firmware, maybe go from a former to the current? Best of luck. . . hope it stops doing this soon.

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Disk read errors usually indicate a dirty lens or sled problem. Can you hear a faint clicking noise as the optical pickup attempts to focus on the disk?
Another common problem is the optics home switch. Can you hear a fast clicking of the lead screw assembly skipping as the sled homes?
Do you hear the CD spin up? The servo will chirp faintly while accelerating.
Are there sounds of multiple attempts to read?
IMPORTANT! Resist the urge to insert a CD cleaning disk. These have a small brush on the bottom side designed to dust off the lens. Usually, the lens is not dusty but has more of a haze which obscures the transmission and reception of the laser beam. The beam exits, reflects of the CD and returns back through the same lens, so it’s two passes through the fog.
The correct way to address the hazy lens is to measure the output power, clean the lens and measure again. If the power returns to the expected level, that’s it. If not, replacement of the optical pickup is next. In either case, you should take it to an authorized service location or ship it to PSA for repair.
Sled problems are also something to be addressed by an authorized servicer.
Hope this helps.


Mine does the same thing as yours at times…I’m thinking the only fix may be a trip to Boulder.

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Strange that it only happens on certain CDs though. I’ll try going back to a previous firmware then loading the latest firmware again. Hopefully this helps, if not it’s off to Boulder.

Had similar issues - reloaded the firmware and now working better

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