DMP power cable

I’m wondering what are your experiences here about the effectiveness of power cables specifically on the DMP.
I always thought that a digital device was unaffected by gauge. But recently I’ve been going back and forth with a Shunyata Venom 12NR and an Alpha NR (at the, shall we say, strong recommendation of @cardri Richard). And I must say that I’m surprised of the improvement with the heavier cable, especially on piano smoothness and weight.
Any thoughts?

All else equal, I would expect a larger gauge works better.

I think there must be more to the difference between the Venom and Alpha then just the gauge. I don’t have the DMP but I did try out a Venom a while back - didn’t like it much on anything I tried. Found a number of similarly priced PC’s (of different gauges) that handily beat it out.The Alpha, on the other hand, is in another league entirely.

Agreed. I have the Alpha on the DMP after trying the Delta. It was easily better. More than just a gauge issue, I believe. Now have same on all PSA gear, and Sigma on the P20. I “fought” Ron, cardi about the higher priced looms but the comparisons proved obvious for
me. Borrow and listen for yourself.