20 amp power chord for theP20?

My new P20 should be arriving on Wednesday, and wanted to see what the best option for power chords would be. I have a Shunyata Venom HC 20 amp chord which is a 10 Gauge wire or I could get a Pangea 9SE 20 amp chord which is a 7 gauge. Thanks in advance for your input. I will post my thoughts on the P20 when I get everything installed.

Without a doubt, NRG AC cables, 30 day money back guarantee, built like a tank and very well packaged. I just bought 9 cords: 15 amp .1CS…A must audition no brainer…YMMV, but these have yielded a very positive impact on my system.
Lowered the noise floor in my system.

You should compare and see which one you like best. I would think of the 2 the Shunyata would sound better. I have a few Pangea’s (14SE’s) I’m looking to get rid of. I bought a few of these before I realized how much of a difference PC’s make. After some comparisons I don’t think the Pangea’s sound very good at all (closed in, grainy) - in some cases I preferred the stock PC.

I’d go with Shunyata.

I’ve always had a good result with the Shunyata’s but the PS Audio AC 12’s with Furutech e-TP609 NCF’s for distribution are my favourite power cables and delivery devices.

I’ve been using Shunyata power cables for over a decade - essentially all of the so-called top models (from the rattlesnake Pythons to the Sigma Z-tron Anacondas), but recently swapped them all out for Audience powerChord Au24 SX AC cables. The full gauge models for my two monoblock power amplifiers and my two P10s, and the medium gauge models for my four source components. Amazing liquidity and organic qualities are now evident in my system. Still using one pair of Shunyata Sigma AC cables for my two powered loudspeakers, mostly to filter out the likely RF generated from their class D amps.

I would suggest the OP check out the listings on usedcable.com. You might find a deal on something that was previously out of your price range.