DMP with Devialet - Should I add Directstream DAC Sr?

Hi, I am currently using the Directstream Memory Player (DMP) to play CD/SACD with my Devialet Expert Pro 1000 (connected using coaxial SPDIF). I recently had the opportunity to test vinyls on a Rega turntable (Rega Planar 8) and the sound was definitely a step up to my DMP-Devialet set up in terms of soundstage, timbral accuracy and just a very ‘live’ presence. I have read from various contributors in this forum that after getting the DMP and Directstream DAC Sr combination, the sound has been so good that they have basically given up listening to vinyl. Hence I wanted to tap the knowledge and experience of those who have or have heard the DMP AND Directstream DAC Sr combination WITH Devialet and their views on the sound? Will adding the Directstream DAC Sr get me closer or even match the vinyl sound so to speak? Because right now with just the DMP, I am not getting the I2S ‘effect’ and in particular for SACDs, which is only 88.1/24 PCM into my Devialet. Thanks for the help.

You need the Directstream DAC tio get the dsd layer from your SACDs through I2S which I found is the best digital sound I ever heard. Not even my Aurender N10 playing hi rez dsd and 24bit can beat it. I would like to mention my Esoteric E-02 phono playing vinyl is way better musically, but that’s another story.

IMAO nothing digital will ever get you there. If you want the vinyl effect, only vinyl can do it. Or maybe wait for the DMP replacement, that will add kind of a vinyl effect in DSP. To quote Paul: “a dynamic compressor to more closely mirror an LP (how
the quietest parts of an LP are made louder to squeeze dynamic range, etc.”… Exciting times… I myself can easily live without the vinyl effect, instead I really envy you for your Devialet…