Do I need a P5 or a P10?

I’m sure that this question has come up many times - I’m looking to do the full PS Audio suite:

Directstream DAC


BHK300 Monos

For these 4 components do you guys think I can get away with a P5 or is a P10 going to be necessary? I do no plan on having anything else connected.

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David, here is what I think the official answer and general consensus will be: a P5 will be okay but a P10 will be better. I had a P5. . . I kept being tempted by a P10 and gave in to temptation. . . and the P10 is better in all important ways, so if you can budget for that, I recommend you do so. . . . :wink:

Yep, what lonson wrote. :slight_smile:

David, the biggest power regenerator you can afford, for the fore mentioned system, will provide the cleanest system power and best transient performance. You will not be disappointed!

Agree 100% with the above comment. The biggest you can afford. Just want to add that if the p5 is what is possible, do not think for ONE SECOND it will not impress, or is somehow SO much different than a p10. These are forums for enthusiasts, and as such, we all get a but hyperbolic at times. Both the P5 and P10 are awesome. Otherwise, only one would exist. :slight_smile: I am sure someone will yell at me for my opinion, but yeah, there it is.

Good luck in your quest, and I can tell you that two weeks into owning my P5, I am loving it. Also have a great sense of security regarding my equipment now that it is all protected. :slight_smile:

wired1, no yelling at you from me. The P5 is an amazing machine, and has the ability to energize and transform a system to delightful heights.

Yes - the P10, because of the possibility that the P5’s fans may engage.

In my experience P5 is not enough for your pair of mono. I would only use the P5 on line level components.

A single P10 may be enough, however, that said, I would like to suggest 2 P10s.

And if you are planning subs another PI0 for sure.

Terryakhan, in my own system I have: BHK 300’s; DMP; BHK Pre; and DS, driving a pair of Vivid Giya Spirits. I’m using one single P10, and on the loudest passages very, very rarely exeed 40% load. In fact, I’m usually sitting around 37%.

Because I’m personally very, very conservative when it comes to headroom, trust me if I say that I wouldn’t have used one P10 if the load was around 60% - even if the P10 is designed to be happy with such a load.

But 37 - 40%? No I don’t think so. In any case, nothing to lose if one doesn’t work that well … just buy another :slight_smile:

wired1 said I am sure someone will yell at me for my opinion, but yeah, there it is.
OK. I'll do it. I'll yell:


Elk said
wired1 said I am sure someone will yell at me for my opinion, but yeah, there it is.

OK. I’ll do it. I’ll yell:



I recently changed to preamp & power amplifiers. I am now running an average of 300w & typically have peaks of about 700w. Do I have enough headroom with this configuration or would I be safer putting the class A amps on a circuit outside the P5? My P5 isn’t quite a year old and although I would like a P10, I don’t think I can swing one now.

Yeah, you really need a P10 so while the P5 will work I might think about running the amp separately if you can. But, do try it both ways as I hate to see you not on regenerated power. Is the P5 running hot? Fans on constantly?

Thank You Paul,
I was afraid you were going to say that. I have the P5 in a closet and didn’t realize the fans were coming on. It doesn’t seem excessively hot on the left grill but is warmer than when running lower wattage.
Right now I’m running one amp from wall power until I have a better solution.


Well I bit the bullet and purchased a P10 while some were still available. I feel much better having both amps connected again. The heatsinks do get quite warm after it’s been on a while and after amps have warmed up, is running approx 74% load. Is that enough headroom even with the P10. Since the amps are class a, there isn’t much variation between idle and playing music.

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I have the same question. I have a BHK 250 and I am considering upgrading to both an all tube preamp and phono pre. These items and a VPI Prime turntable is all that will be connected. Would a P5 be adequate?

It would. I would always encourage folks to step up to a P10 if they can because the improvement will be greater, but the P5’s no slouch and certainly better than plugging straight into the wall.

Thank You Paul,

I was concerned about the load and have removed all but the preamp, amps and Auralic. Now my wattage is a constant 560 and 67% load. Hopefully that’s a bit closer to optimal.