P10 and P5 Question

I have a pair of McIntosh MC-501 monoblocks in my system. I am interested in getting either a P5 or a P10 for my system. I have a dedicated 20 amp circuit for these amps. Their manual says each amp consumes 6.6 amps, or a total of 13.2 amps. What would be my best way to go about doing this? Can both amps plug in to a P5?


I think you’d be pushing it with a P5. …Specs below.

Thank You @netspecht-2. I do own a P5. What if I used the P5 strictly for the MC-501’s and then used something else for the other equipment?

Any other opinions on this from forum members?

I have a P5 but it’s only for my sources, BHK Pre, and a large Woo headphone amp. I’ve always run my amps out of a dedicated circuit from the wall. My rule of thumb is if the transformer on the power regeneration is smaller than your amp take a pass. My amps sound great out of the wall. Unfortunately the only power solution for me would be a P20 and I have other priorities.

Thank You @watchdog507. The more I study this, it may make sense to have two P5’s (One for the monoblocks and one for the components) or a single P10

There’s many P10’s on the secondary market at good prices. I would go for P10 over Two P5’s.


Thank You @watchdog507. It would be plugged in to a dedicated 20 amp circuit

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P10 will give you more headroom with less impedance

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Thank You @watchdog507. I noticed the P10 is Good for 1500 watts of output. All of my components added up, are a maximum of 1195 watts, that includes the MC-501 monoblocks

I would choose the P10 myself in your case. I have my equipment split up between a P5 and P12.

Might not be a bad idea to install a kill-a-watt tool, and determine realtime actual draw when firing up, and during use, They are about $25.

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13.2 amps is 1584 watts. Of course that is peak. Depending on your speakers, room size and preferred listening level you may never reach that.

Are the P5 or the P10 designed specifically for a 20 amp circuit, or only a 15 amp circuit?

15 amp. Only the P20 has an 20 amp option. You will still benefit from your 20 amp dedicated circuit.

Why don’t you put your source components in a Stellar P3?

Hello @dawkinsj. So you are saying, put the 501’s in to the P5 and then the remaining components in the P3?

Yes that’s what I’m suggesting if the P5 will support both mono’s. The other option which you could try if you’re in the US is to put all the rest of your gear in the P5 and try the amp into something like the new iFi Power Station so you get some noise filtering and surge protection. Order from Audio Advisor with their 30 day trial and send it back if it doesn’t do what you need.

i have a p10, bought when first released, and i purchased it intending to use with jeff rowland 501s, each powered by a pc1, and powering vienna acoustic mahlers speakers. i listen to music loud. well, the p10 regularly shut down trying to power the 501s/mahlers and so, i plug them into the wall directly. now, i plug the velodyne dd18+ and sources to the p10. even just the big velodyne stresses the p10 -think listening to organ music on vinyl. the velodyne may have even shut down the p10. so, i feel a bit disappointed about the p10 purchase, since ps audio claimed that it would power the amps and sub, and it can’t power amps alone and, the sub alone stresses it. it’s definitely not suitable for amps and sub, unless listening at moderate volume levels.

I have my whole system the BHK preamp BHK250 DMP DSD NPC all running off my P-10 My speakers are fairly high sensitivity 93 db per watt. I can be playing at extremely high levels and NEVER approach the limits of the P-10. I hit maybe 1/3 of its maximun capacity.

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i run a P5 for all my sources and the two SS Mono block Stellar M700. IT Handles all of the like a charm running at 20-30% load max
Run the P10 for the BHK 250 and the two 500 watt subs. It had cut out a couple of times as well. Putting it on Multi wave helped… Seemed to get better with time. The new Windom firmware upgrade helped but most of was my new 7.5 amp Power Cables made a difference in sound and power consumption… the P10 now has a max ceiling of 40-50%load as apposed to 70-90 or higher in the beginning