Used P10 or wait for new Stellar regenerator?

I have an opportunity to trade in some used gear for a used P10, but have a few questions. The dealer with the used P 10 said it would handle my whole system, DMP, DSD, and BHK 250, but I’ve heard elsewhere that plugging in the amp is not recommend. If the P 10 can’t properly handle the 250, would I be better off waiting for the new Stellar regenerator, for just the DSD and DMP, and eventually a BHK preamp?

I would think the new Stellar regenerator, having newer technology would sound better, if all I’m plugging in is my front end.

For me. Stellar P3 power plant.

As much as I defer to Brodric, this time I think the P10 is the right choice. You will have more headroom, lower impedance, and better dynamics.

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Probably so, but is the added headroom really needed for the front end components? Perhaps lower impedance would help though.

It’s flexibility for the future. I have a P5 but my BHK 300’s are fed from a dedicated power line. The P5 handles a Woo WA5-LE (8 watt headphone amp) and PWT, DSD, BHK Pre. The P5 is probably close to the upcoming Stellar. I want a P20 but Med school is calling one of my girls.

My P10 has no problem powering my DS, BHK Pre and BHK 250 (and various smaller items) driving Wilson Sophia 3’s. Admittedly my room is small and I don’t play at ear splitting levels but the P10 has never shown signs of strain.

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Good to know, thanks. What’s the efficiency of the Wilsons?

They are rated at 87 dB.

I use a P10 and no matter which equipment is on I do not get over 26 percent load.
I play just over 90 db out in about 4 meters here

I’ve got a P10 and am powering a DS DAC, DMP, BHK Pre, and BHK 250 and am at 30% load. it sounds wonderful. You should have no issues with your system.

With respect to this, I’m not sure if the folks who you heard this from were referring specifically to a P10 (or any other PSA regenerator), but there is a generic recommendation with respect to power conditioners that amps sound worse plugged into them. The important distinction here is the PSA “regenerators” are not the same as “conditioners”. The regenerators create a new waveform that a conditioner cannot duplicate, they only remove (some) noise and cannot correct flat-topped waveforms. The PSA regenerators also have power storage that can provide more power at the peak demand. Conditioners generally strangle (perhaps an overstatement?) the power delivery, which is partly why amps usually don’t sound good when connected to a conditioner. Of course, YMMV …


Actually I believe it was Paul who said, even the P12 might not cut it if the BHK 250 was plugged into it, suggesting the P15 would be a better choice.

You were asking about the P10, which is now the P15. The P12 your quote from Paul references is the replacement for the P5. My comments are regarding the P10/P15. I recall some folks here running a BHK250 off the P5/P12, but I don’t recall anyone saying that it didn’t work. The capacity of the P5/P12 is less than the P10/P15 so, yes, there could be an issue using it with the BHK250. In that case one should try it both ways to see how it works. As has been noted by some regenerator users, the incoming power in some areas is atrocious, so a regenerator is better than the alternative. I always thought I had fairly good power … until I got the P10. I see THD incoming af 1.5% to 2.5%, not atrocious, but not good either.

I believe or read somewhere that the P10 has more capacity than the P12. Anyway, I have two BHK300’s , two Stellar monoblocks, a tubed preamp, DSD, DSMP, and electronic crossover running off my P10. I have experienced no problems whatsoever. My advice would be to go with a used P10 and spend the saved bucks elsewhere.

My mistake thanks for clarifying. For some reason I thought the P 12 replaced the P 10.

It was P5 replaced by P12 and P10 replaced by P15. The P20 was a new entry.

So is it a given that the P10 will have lower impedance than the P3?