Do you clean your new records?

I won’t tell you how I do it because I don’t want anyone’s head to explode. Surely it would happen.

But I just cleaned my new(er) Kind of Blue mono. What an improvement. Way beyond what i was getting with a dry Audioquest brush.

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I use the SpinClean Mk II, it’s ok, but it’s not as good as I would like and I’m sure it’s puts in a fair few surface scratches.

I’m going to order one of these as I’m really keen on an ultrasonic but can’t justify the more premium models:

HumminGuru all-in-one ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner

I clean all of my records.

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“Hummin Guru”—yeah, I had him for “The Philosophy Of Science” in 1968. it’s where I learned about Phlogiston. :grinning:

I sonic clean all LPs, if they are used with a lot of prints on them I scrub them with a cleaning solution then vacuum the fluid off and run them through my sonic cleaner.


It was originally a kickstarter project, early backers are due to get their units in August I believe, so we shall soon see if it’s a scam or not.

I agree, the price raises a few questions, but actually the fundamental principle and technology in ultrasonic is quite basic and not very expensive at all. My hope is that the tech is now reaching more mainstream and therefore costs reducing.

Yes, they’re a Hong Kong based company, but limited budgets have to make compromises.

Yes. Audiodesk. Record cleaning for the lazy.

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Yes. Every new record gets cleaned with my VPI HW-16.5 RCM. I can’t even comment on before/after because I’ve been cleaning new LPs straight out of the sleeve as a matter of habit for years. Oh, I should add after cleaning I dispense with the stock sleeve and replace it with my favorite MoFi Master sleeve.


Yes, yes I do.

Every record old or new through the Auto Desk Glass cleaner first. It’s now in another room so I can clean one while listening to another. I recently had a brand new pressing that was covered in globs of god knows what. I manually hit that with a pad and some napalm. Then into the Auto Desk. It worked.

Pressing plants are so overloaded that things like this can happen. I was sad cause the cover of it was this:


Oh, yesss!

Yes, if for no other reason than to remove the mold release and debris from the pressing plant, then as mentioned earlier in the thread place the record(s) in a Mofi anti-static inner sleeve


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Absolutely, I always clean new records. If the inner sleeve is substandard, I replace that too.

I use SpinClean too and I always clean new records before playing them. I’m always amazed by the amount of dirt in the bottom of the tank when I’m through!


Agree with everyone here. I never realized how much crud came off new records. I’m using a borrowed VPI although ultrasonic seems to make more sense to me.

Get the Degritter. It’s cheaper and we need to know if it’s a step up on the Audio Desk. I think it may be.

Thinking about it. It really does look like a brilliant piece of engineering.

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@Paul Is there a record cleaning machine on your engineering list?

There is not. Our list is long but does not include a cleaning machine. Usually something makes the list when we believe there is something interesting or of value we can offer in a technology. That is not the case here. There are great ones out there already.

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Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner PRO is my weapon of choice. I clean every record, new or old.