Vinyl Cleaning Options

I’ve yet to breakdown and build an ultrasonic cleaner for my vinyl, so I’m testing the following service as an alternate option.

It’s $5/base or $8/best option (plus shipping).

I’m sending them a variety of (16) newer and older records to test before/after. All my before notes are captured and ready for comparison.

I’ll plan to post back once all are cleaned/returned.


I have heard the results and they are as stated. Starting with a handful to try the service out is a great idea. They are more or less in my backyard so using them is rather convenient. I have yet to try them but your post got me thinking it is time to give them a try. Now to set aside a few worthy candidates. I too have yet to purchase an ultrasonic cleaner. Came close but the deal was wonky so I backed off. I have so many records I’d rather listen than re-clean. I put my USC dollars to better use and purchased more LPs. Time to rethink it. Besides it is a great excuse to visit Jonathon at Ultra Fidelis in Wauwautosa. Looking forward to your experience with the cleaning results.

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Guys, go for it. You will not be disappointed. Steve, the inventor and proprietor is a good guy and really knows what he’s doing. He has a deal with Ultra Fidelis as a drop off and and pick up point. Fortunately I’m local and have used the service many, many times. I’ve had albums of all type new and old return in pristine condition including some of my rare 60’s and 70’s collectibles. Steve’s process not only cleans the record, it really gets into the grooves with no detrimental effects and reveals details you probably didn’t know existed in some instances. Consider them high resolution LP’s after treatment.

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