Do you upgrade/tweak to solve a specific problem or mostly from curiosity?

After a certain point for me, it became all about curiosity.

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Mostly to solve a problem. That problem is usually a set up issue. I do get curious about products but find the A/B process tedious. I put the new in and rarely (really never) go back. I think you need to go back to the original sometimes to appreciate the change.

I’m an obsessive A/B–er. I’ll admit that curiosity is what most often thins my wallet.


Comparison is the thief of joy


Curiosity. It sounded “good enough” some time ago but boredom and a high credit limit are the devils playground.


My bruthuh!

In general I upgrade to increase sound quality in a cost-effective way so I only do it when I have gathered sufficient supporting evidence for this through my own auditions and experience from other users and reviews to make this likely: sometimes I’m then disillusioned and don’t do the upgrade - return the product…

I do try tweaks out of curiosity though if they are free or low cost.

Amen to that !

both…or depends on what i’m smoking…:sunglasses:

For me it is likely a deep-seated psychological problem I’ve not yet resolved.