I have a problem... my system sounds too good

For maybe the first time ever, I’m not thinking about my next upgrade, and it feels weird. Instead of thinking about how I can tweak my system to improve this or that, I’m listening to entire CDs from beginning to end and getting lost in the music. I might have to find another hobby to tinker and tweak on because this audiophile thing has changed gears, and morphed into a purely pleasurable experience which hopefully in time I’ll learn to live with.


You mean like everything just clicks in, and It’s sounding just right, and so good that you don’t want to change anything or you might screw up the sound? I think with all these upgrades and tweaking with different cables and cords, I may have a similar experience like yours.

Yes, I’ve reached the top of the mountain, and it’s time to stop and enjoy the view.

Well done Gary! Enjoy!!!

Gary - don’t worry, you’ll get over it. The rest of us are praying for your speedy recovery ; )


I hope that never happens to me :grinning:

yeah - what a Nightmare. Gives me the willies just to think about it.


Let’s say that I’m at the top of the hill and not a mountain but I’m happy where my system is. However upgraditis is has infected me and I’m contemplating new speakers that are floorstanders instead of standmounts. I’m taking my time as it’s a slow moving disease.


I too have arrived at this strange point in time where there the system just sounds right, and I have upgraded as far as I wanted to. It is a strange concept since I have been swapping in and out pretty consistently and now nothing new intrigues me. Despite this, I feel a compulsion to spend money on my hifi, whether it makes any sense or not.

Just think, if you have coin to spend, then you can buy more music.

My solution to this problem was: get an excuse and build a second system!

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Time to start buying expensive bicycles then.

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I have one road and one MTN bike. I decided a long time ago that I no longer wish to share the road with automobiles, so the road bike is collecting dust. Still love riding the MTN bike, which is an older Specialized Stompjumper pro, and probably my last MTN bike. The newer bikes available today have more travel in the suspension, but they tend to weigh quite a bit more unless you spend a ton of money. My full suspension Stompjumper weighs in at 21 lbs, and suites me just fine.

Been buying lots of music and tools lately.

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Yea, that feeling of audio nirvana will pass. Go read a few equipment reviews… some characteristic will start screaming at you… like “forward” or “laid back”. These are characteristics that are neither good nor bad. These will drive you crazy.

Top Tip: Spend all your money on stupid stuff as fast as you get it. That will keep your audio spending at bay.

Bruce in Philly

Working on collecting every cordless tool DeWalt makes, almost there. Already have enough DeWalt lithium batteries that I could power my stereo system if I had their inverter.