Documenting code updates?

I know ‘code’ is a four letter word :wink: but I was wondering if it you would consider documenting your code changes to reduce the potential for four letter words from owners?!

e.g. there was a bug in Bridge a while ago which meant the volume on my DSJ would sometimes reset by itself. Luckily not to a loud volume but it was disconcerting. It wasn’t until I searched around in the forums that I found out it was a known issue and you were working on a fix. From memory the info was amongst a thread about the Red Cloud firmware so it wasn’t very obvious.

As a coder myself I really like Github where I can follow a project’s active ‘issues’ and find clear documentation of the changes between versions too.

I’m not suggesting you open source the actual code but I wonder if you could provide a similar service with a forum thread for each firmware. You could document the changes when a new version is released, link to the file if necessary and add comments e.g. if there is a bug which you’re working to resolve. It could be locked so it’s clearly an ‘official’ record rather than a discussion.

It would also be easy to subscribe to notifications to be alerted when a new update is available.

Anyway just throwing the idea out there, I’m pretty sure it’s been discussed before. I love that you offer software upgradeable products – it was a big factor in my choice of the DSJ – so even if this isn’t possible I will keep on hitting update whenever you provide one :slight_smile:


Yes, it is a good suggestion and one we are working on implementing.

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