No More Firmware updates!

I will never do another firmware update ever. Because everytime I do. I have to spend two hours trying to get my directstream to work again!

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Sorry about that and we’re working hard to make that a no=brainer and we will get there at some point. It should be an easy painless process and for most people it is. But, not all, and that is not acceptable.

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If you ever need help, just let us know.

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Lucky for those most people. I’m one who doesn’t do firmware updates any more. Every firmware update on a DirectStream has been problematic for me. It’s just not worth the effort.

It really is though! It’s like getting a new dac

I for one have never had an issue with an update. Works perfect for me before and after. Why is it good for one and bad for another?


For me it wasn’t worth it.

DirectStream is the only device I consistently have problems with software updates. I’ve been updating Lumagen video processors for years, 100+ updates without a single issue. Krell processor, so issue at all. Esoteric, no issue at all. My Axis IP cameras, 100+ updates not a single update issue. Sony and Samsung TV’s, not a single issue. Pakedge access points, switches, and routers etc, 100’s of updates all without issue. etc etc etc. But for the DirectStream, not one update has worked properly.

Just a thought- Could any of the issues be with the type and size of the card being used? Or could it need to be reformatted or formatted differently? Also have you ever tried one of the cards shipped from ps audio?

On another forum about a recent camera by panasonic, people have had locking up issues and lost media and it almost always seems to be card related.

I too have updated many times without issue.

I gave up when the SD card PS Audio sent me didn’t work. That pretty much excluded anything I might have been doing wrong.

And the firmware on my DMP got corrupted somewhere between the factory and me opening the box brand new. Explain me that!

You won’t send the DAC back to PS Audio to fix. Yet you continue to complain about the problem. That is unfair to PS Audio. Every time you complain about not being able to update your DAC you should mention that you won’t let PS Audio fix your device.

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Dennis used to fix it remotely, temporarily, until the next update came along. Then repeat. That was fine, up to a point, but he doesn’t work for them now. The long range repair was a risk I accepted as a long range buyer. I’m happy enough with the sound and function and I don’t want to be bothered with a long range repair unless the thing is completely dead. I’m not complaining, I’m just singing in harmony here with somebody else who has the same problem.

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I have done firmware updates on my DS Dac and DSMP several times. Many as many as 10X for the dac and 4X for the DSMP. I have never once had a single issue from this.

Oh bridge updates as well. Roon updates too. I do use a mac mini. Windows based PC’s are a nightmare with anything but office work!

I have a Win 10 /Roon based system. When I got the Jr it was down level. I called Jeremy at PSA. He sent/emailed me a file, walked me though (about 10 minutes) and I never looked back. Smooth sailing ever since. I’m looking forward to any future updates however, everything sounds really good right now anyway …

Each update brought me a better DAC. Never having any problem whatsoever I’m in te camp of customers expectantly looking to the next mountain to climb :relaxed:

I, too, have performed many, many updates and firmware changes of PSA equipment as well as other pieces of kit, audio, automobiles, motorcycles, television, routers, . . . Never a problem. A few, while following all the rule and coloring within the lines, have issues.

It has absolutely nothing to do with Mac v. PC. Both are perfectly fine machines/OSs.

Add me to the list of those that have never had a problem with firmware updates. I’ve done close to 10 so far having owned a PWD & PWT before the DSD and DMP. Never had so much as a hiccup.

Hope I’m not jinxing myself now. :wink:

And FWIW I’ve never had a problem when I “followed the rules” and often not had a problem when I skipped a step or two, but every once in a while it takes me multiple tries before I remember that I forgot something. I used to think it was all luck until I found out that I really needed to use the OS’s eject function (without fail) after I wrote the card. Anytime I use a new card I take no chances and format it and use the eject function. After that all of my problems are self inflicted since I don’t write perfect code every time, I sometimes make a typo in the control files and, at times, copy the wrong file onto the card.

Still PS Audio and I know that we need to validate updates better and provide better feedback when a problem exists.


In my case it’s my inexperience and possibly my laptop and PC. I left the work world before the SD card thing happened and I just don’t seem able to get it right. I even had t send my DAC back once as I had turned it into a brick. So it’s less stressful for me to just order cards from PS Audio.

I suspect there is a variable which we have not identified. I ignore many of the rules without issue.

I use an inexpensive SD card reader/writer plugged into a USB port on a Windows laptop (now Windows 10, older laptop is still XP, also have used a desktop on Windows 8, now 10.). I keep folders of all of the various firmware versions on my SD card, simply copying the files from the appropriate folder to the root directory as desired. I pay no attention to the eject function, just waiting for the light on the reader to stop blinking which indicates it is done writing. Pull out the SD card, insert into the DS/other product, power down/up and new firmware installed. No muss, no fuss, never a problem.

I do not suggest anyone follow my lead, but there must be a reason I can update almost by simply saying the name of the new firmware out loud, while others have terrible problems while following detailed step-by-step instructions.