DS Sr Won't Update Firmware

Hey Guys,

So just as the title states I have been unable to get my DS Sr. to update to the new firmware.

I have tried 3 different SD Cards I own, 2 Kingston 8GBs and 1 Generic 1GB.

It’s not my first rodeo I have had the DS for years and have updated it many times in the past.

I have even tried formatting the SDs in Windows and then loading the files on it and insert into the DS, Pins up and click it into place as always.

No matter what I try, unplugging the DS for 5 min, holding the power switch with it off to cycle the transformers. When it turns on it simply just starts up as normal and does not blink to begin the firmware update.

Not sure if it matters but about 2 weeks ago I updated the Bridge to the latest firmware when I saw on the screen an update was available.

So whatever is going on it seems my DS is refusing to read or acknowledge there is an SD Card inserted.

SD Cards are obviously unlocked.

What gives? Any idea what I can do to get the DAC to update?

Pretty frustrating I must say…

I went ahead and ordered the official SD from the PS Audio Website to see if that makes a difference but I’d like to get to the bottom of this issue in the interim. It seems it will not recognize the SD card, I have also noticed lately no cover art on my Bridge II so it’s definitely related to the SD Card.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Happy New Year to all!

Emil S.

Have you tried going back to, say, Yale, then to Snowmass?

Hi Ted,

I have not. I’ll try that now and report back.

Doesn’t work. Still just starts up as normal.

Except now after cycling the power on and off a few times now my screen is upside down! And can’t get it back right side up.

Now I got 2 problems lol.

It’s always something with the DS. Amazing DAC and I’ll still take it over other DACs I own like the Bricasti but DS is just very quirky product.

Upside down screens and troublesome firmware updates have been discussed in detail and at length in the forums here for years. I don’t recall anybody so afflicted not eventually getting everything working as it should. Persistence - and sometimes application of fairy dust - or whatever, and reaching out to their support channel directly, will ultimately get things right.

Use the Calibrate Touch Screen HowTo: https://www.psaudio.com/ps_how/how-to-calibrate-a-perfectwave-touch-screen/ to fix the upside down screen.


Thanks Ted.

That worked. Now I just need to get the DS to update.

SD cards are all properly formatted in FAT32 format. I tried inserting the card when the DAC is on or off then cycle the power after 20 seconds but it doesnt trigger the update. Whether it’s a Yale or Snowmass card.

For kicks. Have you tried disconnecting all inputs to the DS and then tried to upgrade?

HNY All.

timm, I just tried that… unfortunately no dice. DS just starts up as normal does not trigger the update process.

What else can I do here?

Try formatting FAT16, and perhaps on another computer than the one you’ve been using.

FWIW, I have never had a load failure or issues with SD cards…BUT, I always order the new firmware on a SD card direct from PS Audio. IMO, there are too many formatting and downloading issues associated with downloading and uploading the firmware (based on the myriad of problems reported by the the DIYer’s). I did have an issue with Snowmass failing to seem to completely “take” using a PS Audio-supplied SD card, but there was never an issue with the update process being triggered. If all else fails, try asking PS Audio to expedite a SD Card direct to you from the “factory”. Good luck.

I had this issue until I realised Winzip was putting a folder of unzipped files on the sd card instead of putting only the unzipped files on the sd card. Might be worth checking the sd card directory to see if just the files are there and in the root and not a folder.

I also stopped using Kingston cards and switched to Sandisk as my Windows 10 laptop couldn’ ‘see’ Kingston cards.

There are no folders on the sd card. Just the raw 5 firmware files in the root directory. I have tried FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS all dont work.

I have also tried downloading on different browsers the files etc. Never had this issue where it just doesn’t even recognize the SD card. I don’t get why it just won’t update.

I wish the DS used USB for this instead of SD. Much more reliable interface.

OP: This is not a smart-axx comment (bear with me). Don’t forget that the SD card has to be inserted upside down. Don’t know if this was mentioned…

Good luck.

suggest you call PSAudio tech support.

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Yep…and with reports starting to come in with SM software units “freezing” just sit with RC until the PS Support people return after NY holiday.
(not sure if the Snr has been freezing with SM, reports suggest the Jr certainly has been).

Well I’m posting here to hoping to have them reach out or give me so help.

My unit is acting up. All inputs work fine except my optical output from my TV audio plugged into the DS. I plugged that same optical cable into my Macintosh MA5200 integrated amp to see if it was an issue with the TV or cable and it wasnt. TV Sound worked perfect. All of a sudden today my DS wont recognize the PCM coming out of my TV optical output for my speakers. I use it as a hub for all my digital devices and listen to music on the Bridge.

The optical input on the DS stopped working shortly after the numerous power cycling I did on the DS lately trying to get the damn thing to update. Hoping this firmware update will fix this new issue. It previously worked everyday prior to today.

I never had any of these problems until trying to do this update.

I wish there was a simple factory reset button or menu option on the DS. It’s a notoriously quirky unit so that can help alleviate all this nonsense. Very frustrating.

There is a factory reset procedure for DS Jr, not sure if it also applies to DS Snr. Try at your own risk.

With main power switch on back off, turn it on whilst at same time holding down the blue PS button on the front. Then release button press. This will reset the microprocessor.

We’re here to help if you need. Now that the holidays are passed us give us a call and we can assist.

We’re back in action at the office today so please give us a shout and we’ll make sure you get handled without all this frustration. Sorry you had to go through these problems.