Does Stellar Strata support ARC/eARC via HDMI input?


I’ve been trying to connect my new Sony OLED TV to the Stellar Strata via HDMI (input 4). Unfortunately I could not succeed.
Sony guidelines point out that in order for this to work, the amp must be ARC/eARC compatible. Is it not?
Should I connect the TV via optical cable instead? (There is no coaxial output from the TV nor any analogue. only optical)


Welcome, Dan

No, the unit does not support ARC. The HDMI input is for I2S from a PS Audio compatible transport or streamer. It is a different format entirely.

Elk’s got it. The I2S uses an HDMI cable, but the pinout is completely different. It won’t work nor does it support ARC.

Optical will be your only way to get it to work. Make sure you go into the TV settings and select 2 channel/PCM output.

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I use the TOSLink optical input for my TV. It works well. Main advantage: You keep the noise from your TV out of the stereo equipment due to perfect galvanic separation. However it meant that I can not hook up my CD digitally anymore. But all my CD’s are ripped an I play them via my music server (iMac) and USB. Not that my iMac is less noisy than my TV though, but I can not hear it and it allows me to listen to up to DSD128. I like it that way.

Bryston and Moon both Canadian sell high end PreAmps with DAC and 4 x HDMI ARC inputs but you have to fork out US$ 7000 or 4500 respectively for the pre amp alone. A friend of us has Moon equipment connected to his superb Mark and Levinson power amp, it sounds really good. I heard why he is so about Moon. By the way those units also stream.

The Bryston accepts DSD over HDMI input native and digitally so when you hook up your Oppo or Pioneer multiplayer the Bryston DAC does play/convert the DSD layer from SACD for you. The Pioneer does is capable of sending DSD over HDMI for amps or receivers that can process it, Bryston claim that they do.

Thank you guys :slight_smile: