Stellar Strata Amplifier?

Just saw Paul’s newest vid and he, briefly, mentioned a Stellar integrated amp? Any news/ details? (I’m not really sure why I’m asking as I have my sights set on a Stellar mono-block system…but still…)

I would like a BHK integrated too - something more compact for a second system. Don’t laugh there are high end integrated amps.

Might as well build an AVR if you guys are gonna bother with an integrated. I honestly don’t see the point when an S300/SGCD can be had for just over 3k (but then some of us need that extra “horsepower” that two monoblock S700’s affords us).

The Sprout is an excellent example of a well built integrated.

just my 1¢ opinion.

And I love my Sprout, but more options are always good for business. And foregoing all of the A/V BS that goes into a AV receiver is usually welcome to us 2.0 or 2.1 folks.

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Some more info here: We need a Stellar SI150

I’m the same - interested in the Stellar Monos. But I’m interested in the “streaming option” nonetheless . . .

Yesterday Paul posted in the Octave thread:

“We’re getting ready to launch Stellar Integrated next month. That product will have StellarStream built in allowing access through a free StellarStream app (IOS and Android) that can stream Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, radio. It has Apple AirPlay, TuneIn, Amazon Music, Deezer, etc. and so on.”


Hello @Paul. Will the Stellar Integrated have an output and be able to send Tidal MQA via a digital output to lets say the DisrectStream DAC in full 24/192 or will it be limited to 24/96 like all of the other devices I am seeing on the market?

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No. Stellar Strata (which is the name of the new amplifier) is a self contained system. We’re kind of shying away from the term “integrated” since it’s truly far more than a simple “integrated”. It’s designed to be an all in one device where you just hook up speakers and go. It is also not limited to 24/96.

Will Stellar Integrated be able to stream over wifi?

Yes, you’ll be able to stream over the WiFi. Which is quite exciting because it’s PS’s first ever WiFi enabled device!

Sorry if I missed it, but is there a price point on the Stellar int? How will compete with the Sprout100, already a formidable integrated?

A Stellar integrated would be entering possibly the most popular sector of the market these days. It must be a good idea. Some people would almost certainly be happy to buy it online on spec. It is a competitive market, there are lots of options. One of the most popular is Hegel and it is NOT Roon Ready, or Roon anything!

I hesitate to disclose pricing yet as I don’t want to catch too much grief from the big boss… :zipper_mouth_face::wink:

From a sound quality perspective, the Sprout100 is certainly a kick a$$ piece of kit, but from what I’ve heard from the Stellar on the different test rigs we have here, it is striking! Paul, Bob, and Darren really know how to make some sweet sounding gear!


Understandable :slight_smile:
I’m interested in this as I have turned one of my friends on to the Sprout100 (he loves it), but a couple of others, while they really were impressed with the performance of the Sprout, didn’t care for the “compact” look of it. Which I can understand. The Stellar int would appeal to those wanting to LOOK audiophile as well as sound it. If that makes sense.

Yes, I totally agree. It’s pretty cool seeing my friend’s reactions when they see the Sprout hooked up to some Paradigm monitors and think “oh, that’s a cute little system” and when they hear it for the first time, they’re blown away by the sounds. Saying how the heck does such a small system produce such a huge sound?


I can throw in a few tidbits about the Stellar Strata. It’s 200 watts per channel and fed by an Analog Cell. It has a full function analog preamplifier, a newly implemented DAC and output stage, a gorgeous little full color display, and just kicks ass in the sound quality department.

We have a new iPhone and Android accompanying app called PS Connect to control the streaming section, and allow streaming from all the likely suspects. It’s a fun app and works great. Remote control, of course, and we’re working on adding Alexa integration so you can just tell Amazon’s Echo what to play and she’ll do your bidding (this feature may not be available at launch but we’re trying).

As James suggests it’s WIFI ready.

Target pricing looks to be $2,999.

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Interesting. So I assume the amp is different than the S300 and the DAC is different than the SGCD? I’m wondering if people may look at the Strata and wonder why go with a Stellar combo if they can get similar performance, with more features, from the integrated? (Pardon me if that was naive…)

The Stellar Strata appears to be a wonderful bit of kit.

And fun!

Will Strat dac be fpga firmware upgradable or use off shelf dac chips?

Do I understand it correctly that the Strata is an integrated amp, DAC, and music server all in one? And that it will have analog inputs as well?