Does the DSD need the +5V on the USB cable?

I saw a post that mentioned this. I would like to know if it’s true & if it is worth dropping the +5V connection. My USB signal is coming from a Mac mini. Anyone know if the +5V is a no-connect at the DSD end? Thanks,

USB requires the VBUS signal to be connected to tell when new devices are added or removed from the USB “tree”. Some devices are USB powered and require the VBUS 5V to operate. In some systems, at some times, with some OS’s, drivers, etc. the system may be temporarily reliable without the VBUS connected, but this can change when anything else (software or hardware) in the USB chain changes.

If you choose to experiment with a cable (or other jig) that removes the VBUS signal keep a USB certified cable on hand in case things change one day. Also don’t ask queations about why your system doesn’t work with a non-USB certified cable. The easy way to test is to see if your system works with a USB certified cable, if so it’s a problem with the non certified cable.

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