USB data only for DSS?

So if DSS sounds better with a data only USB cable (no 5V power), who makes those cables and where do you find them?!

I’m going to try out a Roon Nucleus and if I don’t need the power, then I’d rather not (to minimize any possible interference)

I have a JMaxwell data-only cable available if you move in that direction.

I found it helpful.

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Can you point to a discussion about this?

Depending on your source the DSS may or may not function without +5VUSB for handshake. It is not bus powered but in certain instances it may require it to communicate.

Thanks, that’s what Ted Smith told me. I’m thinking the Mac mini may not detect the DSD if I disable the 5V line. Probably not going to mess with it.

I would not, unless you can return it.

Seems as if there’s a chance that it might not work… I’m considering ordering a data only from JMaxwell to test as he does offer 30 day return policy with full refund.

You could always get a dual-headed USB cable and disconnect the power side after handshake.

You can easily tape off the +5V pin on the connector.

The signal still travels through the cable though so that would not preclude any deleterious effects.

If you tape off the +5V pin at the source, the voltage does not travel down the cable. There is no +5V signal!
A moot point if it’s needed for handshake tho.

It travels on the shield still.

So I tried a data only cable from JMaxwell going from Roon Nucleus to DSS and the DSS didn’t recognize any input. Remembered that I had a UpTone USB Regen in one of my audio drawers (don’t we all have those!!!), connected that and the USB connected right away!

The improvement is noticeable over my Audioquest Carbon USB that have been using.

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