Does your P20 hum?

I really don’t know if this is new to my P20 but just recently, while working behind my rack, I noticed a faint hum coming from my P20. Now that I noticed it, I can hear it from a couple feet away.
I unplugged everything, turned it off and back on, etc. Consistently there.
No hum or hiss at all from the speakers. Sound sublime as ever. No changes have been made except power cable feeding it. Going back to original made no difference.
Faint hum irrespective of phase or multi/sine settings.

No hum here. Did your power in change?

No changes to any of the variables.

Interesting. @vee, you might be right. Suddenly, no hum. Complete silence—in a good way.

I once ran an unloaded P20 through a 4000KVA isolation transformer. Both P20 and BIT were not happy and both units buzzed heavily. The waveform the P20 was seeing was heavily distorted. That’s why I wonder if your input power changed somehow.

I only have an original PW PP3 on a dedicated circuit and when my wife uses the hair dryer it hums like crazy.

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This should have nothing to do with hum but have you run the clean -Degauss cycle.
Curious, have there been any impacts on sonics at your speakers?

Should I buy a 2nd P20 for backup?

I have the P15 not the P20. It hummed once when I unplugged it then plugged it not knowing I did not turn off the back switch. I resolved this by turning it off and unplugging it for 5 minutes; it never came back. To me, preamp and power amps sound better after a run of Cardas frequency sweep LP, P15 degaussing function, not.

I ran the clean function. I do it occasionally even though I hear no difference when I do.
The hum is gone but when it existed, the sound quality was unaffected.