DS-BridgeII and Roon 1.5 MQA issue


Thanks for the update! Would be helpful if advance/back, play/paused worked when the display is sleeping. For the DS J - when the screen is asleep, you click once to wake and then again to advance the track. Minor issue to be sure, but as long as you are working on this, please consider.

“Mine works like that just fine for a while…but after X amount of time all of those functions stop working and I have to power cycle the DSD to get them back.”

Exactly what mine does.


Any update?


Any update?


Seriously, any update?

Sorry, been on vacation and other miserable lame excuses for not answering when I should have. Sorry.

Barry’s been working non-stop and has ferreted out a number of bugs and the testing we’ve done is certainly showing promise. Still quirky but much, much better. Should have another interim improvement release ready at month’s end.


Thank you for the update.

Thanks for the update, for now what setting do we need to have the DSJ set up as?

“Decoder Only”.

If you do not use any DSP settings in Roon, then it works just fine. This includes Volume Leveling - which is not under DSP settings, but in Zone Settings.

With the updated Bridge II on the DS Jr, i have lost the ability to advance /retreat Roon playing tracks from the PS Audio remote (P3 remote is my preference). Matt indicated that Play/Pause functionality would be included in the next “code” release. Was that the Bridge II update or something different.

In any case, has this present and proposed functionality has been lost in the Bridge II upgrade? @mattc

After I updated Bridge II Roon starts to load then disappears. Roon was working before the update. Windows 10.

@mattc Dear Matt, i am reposting in case this was overlooked. Thanks!

I am having similar problems with Roon and BridgeII. I have added the latest firmware update to the BridgeII on my Directstream and I have set it to “Decoder” only, as suggested by others in this forum. Unfortunately, the BridgeII will disappear as an output device in the Roon core after roughly 10-20 minutes of listening to audio. Restarting Roon does not solve the problem (the BridgeII is still missing as an output device). Only a hard boot of the Direcstream solves the problem. I have done this many times already today, so it has made the system unusable.

Interesting to note, the same is now true of mControl on iOS. Before, I could stream from Tidal masters directly to the BridgeII. However, now, after listening for about 5 minutes, the connection drops and the BridgeII disappears from the network. I need to hard boot to reset it.

I suspect the BridgeII firmware update has cocked something up and hope that this is fixed soon.

We are on it. We gave our team the 4th, 5th, and 6th off as a holiday to spend with their families. This slows things down but we’ll be back on it on Monday. Sorry for the delay and thanks for the patience.

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Thanks. I appreciate the update and it makes me feel better to know that I’m not alone in this issue :slightly_smiling_face:
I thought it might be my networking, because I was using wireless for the Bridge but I upgraded it today and experienced the same problem. That said, I was able to play non-192khz music for a bit longer than usual but when I switched to a 192khz album, it died at the end of the first track.

Hi hshrader,

The IR functionality is in the main DSJ code and will be in the next DSJ code release. The bridge code is separate from our code and we are currently working with the designers to resolve issues that have been discovered in the newest release. I will have to look into advance/back functions breaking in 3.6.2, as this isn’t on my current bug list, but I will attempt to recreate here and get it added if needed.


I should probably not reply since you are on this…but…

If IR (remote?) functionality is in the main DSJ code, then how is the bridge code at all involved in the advance/back functions? Still, appreciate you confirming if we’ve lost the advance/back function with the new bridge code.

The bridge is the renderer…advance/back is a function of rendering.

Roon still starts to open then disappears. Now, DS BridgeII is not showing on Ipad. I’ve restarted Modem, Router and rear power button of DS. Nothing.