DSJ Bridge II Roon Issue


For some reason, when using the Bridge II and Roon, I get a loud static burst when I begin to play a track. When I pause the track, at first there’s no loud static burst, but once the Roon signal path indicator goes out, the same loud static burst sound happens.

Not sure why as this has not been an issue before and everything is hooked up the same.


Are you running Bridge FW 3.6.17? Several of us have seen this issue with Bridge FW 3.6.17. @JeremyBe knows about it but it wouldn’t hurt to send him an email at service@psaudio.com. Below are links to a couple of other threads on the subject. Dropping down to FW 3.5.1 fixes it but you give up MQA and exposed to some older bugs like some occasional ticks during DSD playback, but nothing like what you are hearing with 3.6.17.


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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I’m running 3.6.17, the latest update. For me, it makes the Bridge unusable the burst is to loud…

I’ll email Jeremy now…

As pbphoto indcated, it’s possibly the Bridge ii update. I rolled back to the prior Bridge ii firmware version and the loud pops at the end of the album stopped.

How do I roll back to the previous update?

Have @JeremyBe send you the link and instructions. It corrected the issue in my setup.

Hello dancingsea,

Please reach out to me at service@psaudio.com and I’ll be happy to assist.

  • Jeremy
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Jeremy responded via email. Apparently there is a known bug that they’ve corrected with Snowmass 2.01. He sent the update, I’ve yet to install… .will do soon…

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Has anyone else done the DSJ Snowmass 2.01 update successfully? I’m leery of being the first to try :blush:

You might be the first with access to the new version. Hopefully it also fixes the freezes.

That’s the thing, I don’t have freezes, just the Bridge has the loud noise. But I don’t want to risk having new problems arise by being the first to update. I mostly listen to Roon/ HQPlayer over USB anyway. I’m going to lay low and see how the 2.01 update affects others :wink:

I use DSJr with Roon via its onboard Bridge. I hear no loud noises and any background noise whatsoever. I have my music setup with hardwired ethernet throughout the music chain, from music server to roon to all end points (exception being some Sonos speakers on my back porch). I also used fixed IP addresses for all Music components to eliminate any poor acting devices that might try to steal an IP address it once remembered and not ordered to use (dynamic IP) - it does happen. I’ve never had a problem with any of my music.

I think if you lock down your music path (dedicated IP addressing), remove wifi whenever possible, then you’ll have more success (and less noise).

In this particular case, PS Audio says its a bug. It’s a loud static burst when Roon engages/ disengages. Jeremy wrote:

“ Thanks for confirming this.

We discovered a bug in the Snowmass update for DSJ that causes the unit to have trouble when receiving add characters in the metadata over the network.

A fix was made and released.

It may be worth trying to install this firmware into the unit.

Snowmass 2.01 is attached for your review.

Please install and let me know if this solves the issue you are having?

Assuming you are on Bridge FW 3.6.17, try this, making sure Roon is not down-sampling anything:

  1. Turn the volume down to something reasonable
  2. Play any hi-res PCM file - 88.2/24 or higher
  3. Listen for a few seconds
  4. Pause / stop playback in Roon until the ‘signal path’ light goes off.
  5. Hit the play button to resume playback from where you left off.
  6. Pause / stop playback in Roon until the ‘signal path’ light goes off.
  7. Did you hear a loud scratchy pop as the signal path light went off?

pbphote, You describe the issue very well. That’s exactly what happens, when the track stops as soon as the Roon signal path light goes off, there’s the loud pop.

I did the DSJ Snowmass 2.01 update successfully using the PS Audio supplied USB drive. Unfortunately, it did not fix the issue. It lowered the gain a little bit, to the point that I can’t use the attenuator, so I switched back to Snowmass 2.0 and the gain came back.

I’ll stick with Roon/ HQP over USB until the Bridge issue can be resolved. I’m very happy with HQPlayer’s sound, but would be nice to have the Bridge working properly!

Seems PS Audio has no fix for this issue other than reverting back to the previous Bridge update. It requires a Windows machine to do. I’m Mac only, so that’s a bother… once I track down a Windows laptop, I’ll report back…

I was able to borrow a Windows laptop and revert the Bridge II to 3.5.X, the previous update. The loud bursts have stopped. Yeah :sunglasses:

Only thing is that Roon with HQPlayer over USB still out performs Roon over the Bridge II… at least in my system to my tastes…

Curious to see how a MicroRendu or the like sounds with Roon/ HQP

I’ve been at 3.6.2 for the last week or so - no loud bursts! So whatever happened was introduced in 3.6.17.

Curious - do you do any sample-rate-conversion or apply any DSP with Roon --> HQP --> USB --> DSjr?
What about when you do Roon --> Bridge --> DSjr?

Did you have loud burst with 3.6.17 and then they went away with 3.6.2?

I mostly use Roon with HQPlayer via USB. I use various filters in HQPlayer and either upsample PCM to 352, DSD to DSD 128, or upsample everything (including PCM) to DSD 128.

To my ears, HQPlayer has a more natural sound and better soundstage than Bridge II. I’m interested in the new Optical Rendu that’s coming out soon…

Yes, loud bursts with 3.6.17 that went away with both 3.5.1 and 3.6.2. Initially, I was running 3.5.1 because I couldn’t find 3.6.2 - they pulled it do to a graphics bug with the DSsr. It’s working great now on my DSjr.

Maybe someday I’ll try HQP. I tried all kinds of SRC filters and DSP with A+ a while back I couldn’t hear a difference. Then I got Roon along with a DSjr. Now my mindset is to send the audio in its native format and sample rate to the bridge and let the DSjr do its magic.