DS DAC earthing and the nine EMI gaskets on lid


When I got the DS upgrade I had to get the dealer here in Australia to fit it for me (thanks Mike). When I got it back it worked straight away. I was getting spitty sibilants so I ran a burn in CD for ages. This only improved the problem so I popped the DS’s top and found the lid earth lead unattached. I hooked it up and the sibilant reproduction improved, though I was still not fully happy.

I sent the unit back to the distributor. He had a listen and declared it to sound better than his DS.

Now I popped the top again and two of the nine EMI tabs (clipped around the lid) where missing. I found one behind the display but not the other one. I am clutching at straws here but I figure my system may produce a lot EMI. Mike does not have any EMI tabs he can send me, plus he doesn’t think it will make any difference.

Now Ive been calling PSA (Alex) and I am getting a recorded message to try again later. Very frustrating but…

The DS sounds great but on some of my favourite female vocals (particularly at higher volume levels) S’s and even loud Ts don’t sound right to me. A bit edgy.

I will battle on.


If your system produces a great deal of EMI (as opposed to the DS itself) to which the DS is reacting, moving the DS to a different location will change the sound.

It may be worth using a longer interconnect and moving the DS to a new spot and listening to determine if EMI is the issue.


I think the EMI tabs come off sometimes when the top is removed so finding them missing does not guarantee they were before hand. I had to remove mine again yesterday to replace my analog bd and a few had come off.


My PWD never came with those EMI tabs. I always wondered if that was a design change or if I just never got them.


The design did change over time. My very early Mk. 1 PWD (before upgrades) has none of the shiny silver shielding (on the sides, bottom or top). I haven’t noticed any particular sibilance but I may just not be as sensitive to that kind of thing.


I am, perhaps, supersensitive when it comes to female vocals. The PWDII was good but I have been struggling to get the DS right in my system.

I finally got on to someone at PSA and they are posting a couple of EMI blocks to me. Thanks Scott & Alexsmile


Please let us know if they help. It seems to me unlikely, but it is worth a try.