Odd channel outage on DS

Last night I had an odd failure with the DS.

I was using it for sound from Roon, via Ethernet to the Bridge, when the right channel amp suddenly jittered it’s power relay (Parasound JC-1) and dropped out. I checked power on the amp (it was On), and worked my way back up the chain to the DS. When I swapped the right balanced cable to the left DS output, it worked fine, so the fault was there or upstream from it.

Not knowing what else to do, I powered the DS fully Off, then On again, and the right channel returned. Both channels have been working fine since then.

Ay thoughts on this behavior? It’s the first time such a thing has happened to my DS, and it has not recurred since.

Are you sure it wasn’t the right channel mute relay in the DS? Powering the DS off and back on resets the relays.

It sure sounded like the relay jitter was coming from the amp, but it was on when I checked.

I don’t know why the DS would have muted - the source was Roon running Ethernet to the bridge, so it shouldn’t be able to send a high-voltage spike that would trigger an overload, should it?

I have no idea why the DS would have muted one channel either, but it’s one way to explain your symptoms. The two mute relays in the DS have the same control wire, but they are mechanical things so it’s possible for them to act differently given the same inputs. A power glitch could theoretically cause a temporary mute, but it shouldn’t be permanent. I only mentioned it since that seemed more likely than the DS causing something down stream to mute.

If the relays in the JC-1 were what you heard glitching then there’s also the chance that it was a power glitch that also messing with the FPGA programming - a power off of the DS would fix that since the FPGA gets reloaded on each boot.

If it never happens again I wouldn’t worry about it at all.

Thanks, Ted - it’s run OK for several days since, so I guess it’s a one-off.