DS MK2 Smoked ALL DAC's at the 2024 AZAVClub's Dac It Out Event

Last Saturday our AZAVCub had a rather informal DAC comparison event with several DAC’s to play with:

  • Geshelli Labs JNOG(2) AK4499EXEQ and AK4491EQ chipset

  • Orchard Audio PecanPi+ also AK4499EXEQ and AK4491EQ chipset

  • Black Ice Audio Aries Headphone AMP/ESS9038Pro DAC/Preamp

  • Gold Note DS-10 with external Power Supply

  • fiio K19

  • Konus Digitale 200

  • SMSL D-6s DAC

  • Chord Mojo 1

  • PS Audio Directstream DAC MK2

Two SPL Elektor Preamps were daisy chained for all the various DAC’s. Connections were USB & XLR except for the Aries (single ended RCA) and S/PDIF only for the Orchard Audio

Amplification used were two ArgentPur Solid SIlver wired Monobloc’s powered with Orchard Audio Ultra Modules

Speakers were Philharmonic Audio’s BMR 3 Way Stand Mount Speakers (no Subwoofers were used)

The PS Audio DAC Smoked EVERYTHING on the table (see pics). You didin’t need to be an “Audiophool” to hear the diiference. We used my the PS Audio previous gen Transport for true SACD playback and DSD over PCM for USB connectivity.

Here’s a few pics form last Saturday:

The King and reigning Champion (I know I said there were no winners - buts it so damn good)

Philharmonic Audio BMR Stand Mount Speakers

Doug & I grateful that when we switched an input, the sound came out of the correct DAC :joy:

Some of the Goodies on the Table…Looks like the Tapers section at a Dead show :joy:


fantastic event


Cruel punishment, throwing all those DACs into the ring with a killer


Well its only fair that a way more expensive dac would beat out much lower priced competition! No surprise here…


the ps audio dac comes into the ring like ‘are you not entertained!?’

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MK2 beats my previous champ DS Mk1 easily, and MK1 beats my previous Wadia DAC champ by even a bigger margin (which I paid about the same as MK2). :laughing: