DS P12 different schuko outlets for different appropriate gears

I have 2 different P12 regen, same model, how is the best way to match the following gear between them:

1, Roksan BLAK integrated ampli
2. Roksan BLAK CD Player
3. Roksan Caspian M2 RPP Phono Stage
4. Techincs SL1200G turntable with MC Donatello Gold note
5. DirectStram DAC (actually on arrival not yet delivered)
6. MacMini M1 Apple with Roon and so on for liquid music

Which one to be connected/matched properly to PS12 A and PS12 B? Which one to both high current schuko socket (european model with 4 ones only each)


Welcome! It’s convenient that you have a second P12 so you can plug everything into it. I wouldn’t worry about putting any specific pieces into the HC zone. Based off the gear you’ve listed, nothing stands out as being a crucial piece to be in the HC. Other than the Integrated, I’d plug everything in as it is convenient to.

Thank you so much James, it means that the integrated is the only piece you suggest to specifically plug into the HC zone (as I suppose) or that you suggest to plug the Integrated directly into the wall (not plugging it into the P12 at all)?
If some piece is more able to produce noise or disturb (as digital gears like CD, DAC or Mac mini) more than other analog pieces (like Phono Stage or TT) is it better to separate them between my two different P12? Or it doesn’t matter because each schuko socket of the P12 is completely separate from each other, both for output current and “input” back one? I’m curious because I have total 8 slots at disposal (P12 A + P12 B) and can distribute 5 pieces at the moment (DAC is not arrived and perhaps I have to wait till June - the mkII I hope will be ready then!): may I separate the gear plugging 4 (into P12 A) + 1 (into P12 B) and the regenerator works well the same as plugging 3 (into P12A) + 2 (into P12 B) as for efficiency, current, sound, power?

Definitely plug the integrated into the P12. I’m willing to guess it ultimately doesn’t matter a whole lot, but of the gear you listed, that’s the piece I would plug into the HC zone.
I wouldn’t worry about separating the digital and the analog gear. If I were in your position, I’d try and give the integrated the most headroom as possible. That piece is going to have the most dynamic current draw. Allowing it to have more headroom will keep it happy and more free to pull the current when needed.

The integrated has rated power consumption 480W and maximum 800W. While to loudspeaker 150W to 8ohm and 240W to 4ohm. It drives loudspeakers floorstanding Dynaudio Evoke 50, 260W power handling 3 ohms minimum impedance @100 hertz. How to improve integrated headroom? Plugging it into PS12 A HC the lonely and all the rest of the gear plugging into PS12 B would improve the headroom? Or it doesn’t matter because one sole PS12 has enough power to guarantee maximum headroom to integrated even if i plug all the other gears into the 3 schuko sockets available?

The power cable from the wall to PS12 may affect in some way the integrated headroom? and in general does power cable from the wall to PS12 matter to improve sound quality also depending from cable lenght {0,5 -1,5 - 2,0 meters for example)?

A lot of this is speculation on my end because I don’t have your exact system. The best way to get more headroom for the integrated is for it to have a P12 to itself. However, this means that you’re cramming the rest of the gear into one P12. This likely isn’t the best way to do it. My recommendation is to not over think it. Do some testing with different orientations and see which you like best.

A better power cable won’t necessarily improve headroom. However, it does impact the sound a lot. Ultimately, all of the power goes through this cable. You want to make sure this is a good cable. In my opinion, the shorter the better.

Dear @jamesh great news! Just ordered a few new PS Audio pearls, so it’s gonna change radically my chain and needs involving the 2 brand new DS P12.

Here the new gear I ask you, please, how to correctly plug them into 2 regenerators (4+4 schuko available) and only 1+1 HC:

2 Stellar monoblocks M1200 (HC both I suppose)
1 PS BHK Preamp
1 PS PerfectWave SACD Transport
1 PS PerfectWave DSD DAC
1 TT Technics SL 1200 G
1 Roksan Phono Pre RPP (waiting for the new Darren’s PW Phono DirectStream)

Second question: how truly matter in improving SQ the isoacoustics (Orea) under the 2 PowerPlants P12?

Third and last: if one day I will buy 2 BHK 300 ampli, would never never never be possible to plug them into the 2 P12?

Thank you so much for your help and your patience with this new proud member of the hifi family

Yes, I’d plug the two M1200s into the HC zones.

Man, the Isoacoustic question is a good one. I don’t personally use any in my system but if some were given to me, I sure would! :laughing:
Vibration isolation is very important. The Oreas are some of the best in the industry at achieving that.
Actually, you could get away with plugging the BHK300s each into their own P12. Plugging both of the amps into one P12 would really push the P12 pretty hard, but one mono into each P12 would still allow for enough headroom.