Question about my new P12

Just got my new P12 and it’s doing an amazing job.
My question is, it has only 4 outlets, so I decided to put everything except my amp on my Isotek Sirius power conditioner which goes into a seperate input of the P12, so I’m using only 2 outlets.
Would you think it’s better to use all 4 outlets and have for example the dac and the phono preamp directly into the P12?
Many combinations possible…
Thanks for reply!

I would never use an intermediary device. I would power all my source devices with the P12 and if there are no outlets left available, plug my amp into the wall.


Welcome to the forum family Thijs

When you say everything plugged in to your P12…
exactly what are these pieces…
Also which power amp are you using?

Off the top of my head though see if you can free up a port and plug your power

Best wishes

Also congratulations on your new P12…it truly is an amazing piece of

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The P12 has 6 outlets with regeneration and 2 outlets without regeneration.

looks like euro ones only have four

Thanks for your replies!
I’m from Holland, and the europian version of the P12 only has four outlets…so I will need some other device anyhow…
My amp is a Hegel H20, and it seems to behave very very well through the P12, no dynamic loss and for the first time, it is quiet, no transformator hum anymore!
So I still have to find my final configuration…
Any recomandations?
P12 is here on a trial, haven’t bought it yet…

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Right, and this is why I got the P15 though I never use more than 200 Watts

Welcome to the forum Thijs
Generally speaking power conditioners do not work well with regenerators. So, if you connect your H20 into the D receptacle which is intended for high power, you will have three left. If you are short of sockets, then you could add the conditioner to the last one and use that to operate more devices, but you have to do some trials by swapping devices to optimize the sound.

Thank you for the replies. What a friendly and helpful place this is!
Today I will check some combinations of the PS12 and the Isotek Sirius.
I think combining a regenerator with a conditioner (only for sources) is not very uncommon, many regenerators have only a single outlet,
What did we europeans do to deserve only 4 outlets on our P12??:wink:

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Not just the EU , but also the AU, NZ, China, as well as UK. Obviously, US plugs are smaller so they can accommodate more in the same space.
By the way, how long have you owned the H20, and what do you think of it? I previously heard people complain bout power supply hum like you!

I love the H20. It will stay here. I had a Moon 340i before and going to the Hegel was a huge upgrade. Works great with Arc preamp.
I know the Hegel amps are known for the transformator hum. One thing I know is that mine has become dead silent from the moment the P12 entered the system. They really need clean power.

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That is positive. I am happy you found the H20 good sounding because I ordered mine about a month ago. No stocks! I will tell you how it sounds with the P15 and BHK preamp. Which ARC pre do you use?

Very nice, i guess the H20 and the BHK will be a stunning match. Looking forward to hear how you like it.
I own the ARC DsPre, which is a pre/dac, solid state. Great sound, but never compared it to the ARC top shelf tube preamps…maybe I shouldn’t…

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I believe @jamesh can confirm that all 8 P12 outlets in the US model are regen. Only P3 has non-regen outlets, but it can switch to regen too.

Thijs…please list the items your sources, preamp in your system.

Your P12 is able to handle your entire system power wise.
to make way for all your system’s electronics (except for subwoofers)
just add a multiple ac connector to pne your P12’s outlets…

Your Isotek Sirius is not able to regenerate clipped ac sine waves…and
are defeating the purpose of your p12…

See if you can locate or make your own multiple plug adapter to fit
one of your P12’s outlet and thus create additional outlets for you

Best wishes on your audio journey!!

Little problem occuring here…the P12 switched off my amp for a second, and on again…
So only the high current socket. Load was only 13%.
It happened 4 times within 15 minutes…Any ideas???

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What is probably happening is the initial current inrush to your power amp…
try powering up the amp first then your sources and pre.

This also happens with my P15 when I first power up my Parasound JC5 the
power watt meter can jump as high as the full maximum for about ten seconds
or so triggering self protect mode on P15. However when P15 resets …all goes well
after that.

This does not happen all the time. Just once in a while…

Hope that helps

Thanks very much Davida,

My Sirius goes directly into the P12. So the AC should still be happening right?
My source components are Dr Feickert Woodpecker with (linear power supply), Moon CD transport, and a Bluesound Node 2.
My preamp is ARC DsPre and phono preamp is ARC Phono 8
Amp is Hegel H20.

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Your Sirius in my thinking is not the cause of your P12 shutting down
when your Hegel powers up…