Additional outlets for my P12

I am out of outlets and I have a couple of auxiliary items mainly my Node 2i and a Liberty Dac I want to hook up to my P12 has anyone added a additional outlets in a separate box not a power strip type that will work well? I was looking at something like this

I use a Furutech E-TP609 in front of my P5 but you could use it after just as well.

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Thanks more like it I figure if the P12 is doing the cleaning I dont need to add additional

What else do you have connected to the P12? Just keep in mind that it’s best to plug the components directly into the P12 as opposed to using something in between.

Hi current outlets M1200’s, BHK, Modwright PH9.0 Phono Pre, Technics SL120GAE, Sutherland Little Loco phono pre, Dr Feickert Blackbird, Modwright LX500 Cd Player, Node 2i, want add add an Topping D90

Take the 1200 out and substiture the Topping. This is an alternative for the TT and anything else you pick up.

A better option would be to find a used Blue Circle FX2 model

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Hi @watchdog507 sorry for a question related to your so old post… I noticed you have the same furutech power distributor NCF e-TP 609 that I use (my is Schuko version).

Why do you use it in front of a powerplant? It means between the wall and the regenerator?

In order to avoid a little white noise and reduce ground loop issues, I’m wondering, and I will appreciate also @jamesh opinion:
if a system like mine has 2 P12 feeding all sources and amps M1200s (everything but 2 REL subwoofers) is better to plug them to a unique power strip/distributor?
Actually I plug each P12 to a different wall socket (both of them are the only wall sockets in home of a dedicated line). And I’m keeping each sub separately to 2 different wall sockets, with no dedicated line.

Unfortunately the P12 european version has only 1 HC each, so it cannot feed both the 2 M1200 and the 2 subs. Maybe in future 2 P15s are on my wishlist to solve amps+subs common regenerator issue. P20 is not a chance due to space rack limit.

My question: do you suggest to use the furutech power distributor (or something else if you know) from a unique wall socket (dedicated line) to plug at the same time

2 P12 powerplants
2 REL Subwoowers T7/i


Which benefits may I have from plugging 2 powerplants (now P12 or in future P15) together to a unique super power strip (if exists one and in that case which type is better) vs keeping them plugged separately to 2 different wall sockets?

Thank you.

Wouldn’t something simple like the iFi PowerStation do what you need? I use one for an entire system in a second home and it does it’s job. If you feel the need to spend more look at EU based companies like Gigawatt and Puritan amongst others.

I’m a fan of feeding the PowerPlants directly from the wall. Anything ahead of them will only add impedance to the signal. Some situations require something before, but those are few and far between. Keep in mind, the HC zone is only helpful for amps that have a high in-rush current when switched on. The M1200s don’t have a high one so you can feed them with any of the outputs from the P12.


It sounds great @jamesh! So I can plug the 2 REL subs into each HC outlet of the P12s! The M1200s go to other outles of P12s, one on the left and one on the right.

Unfortunately I still haven’t enough outlets available (4) for all the other 5 gears. Which one do you suggest to plug to the wall and not to a P12 from these?

BHK Preamp
Turntable LPS (Gold Note PST-10 to feed a Gold Note Mediterraneo)

Or do you suggest to plug into 1 P12 outlet a furutech (or similar) power distributor, to feed 2 units together? If so which ones of the above mentioned?

It seems this weekend I will play plugging and unplugging… a lot…

Thank you.

As I noted above, I use the Furutech E-TP609 NCF to extend my Powerplant and it works well with no issues or distortion.

Take the two REL subs out of the P12’s and put them in a separate device that provides surge protection at least and put the rest of your gear into the P12’s with one to spare for future additions.

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Agree that this is a good suggestion…

In terms of material effect on the overall sound of your system, I think the subwoofers are on the lower end of list of priorities for regenerated power.


@dawkinsj @scotte1 thank you for your post, that is my actual configuration.

Any different idea was intended to try to reduce the overall number of wall outlets, if it may be beneficial for SQ and better grounding scheme.

Now each P12 goes to a different wall socket (2) and each sub too goes to other (2) different.wall sockets. It means 4 different wall outlets simultaneously on use and I’m wondering if this would generate some ground issues. And to which particular unit of the system pay attention for what concern grounding effects. That’s the reason why I’m asking if a different configuration reducing as much as possible the number of different wall socket is the way to go.

It seems from @jamesh post that the P12s are where is better now, while moving the M1200s from HC to other P12’s outlets suggests plugging the REL to HC themselves then available, or I’m misunderstanding? On the contrary you are suggesting to let them all exactly where they are now. It means to change nothing at all.

I suppose, as usual, that each system is different as each AC line/home is different but some basic rules would help sometimes, almost for correct general grounding matters (exactly what I’m going to learn due to my electrical deep ignorance).

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I thought you were also looking to free up some receptacles on the P12s. That is what really motivated me to echo @dawkinsj suggestion.

Yes if it was better to use the HC outlets for REL subs, otherwise if subs are better configured to stay away from P12s actually I have enough outlets available. Thats my doubts.

If your wall outlets being used are on the same circuit or same phase and you are getting no humming or buzzing you are fine as you are and I would leave it alone unless you either need one of those wall outlets for something else or feel the need to provide surge protection to the two subs. My system is set up the same way with the subs to the wall and the gear into the regenerator. Both outlets are on the same phase so no noise.

It’s not a matter of better or not but rather it doesn’t do anything of substance other than surge protection which you can get cheaper. If that is not an issue in the area you live then no problem.

Thank you so much. Yes both the P12s are on the same circuit and this is dedicated line for audio system. On the contrary the subs are out of this circuit on a different line, this one in common with the rest of home electrical equipment. This is the real question I was finding to answer.
Just a little white noise from speaker tweeters (very close with ears) I can ignore and a little bit of hum from mids I’m speculating if due to a wrong grounding scheme I’m using now.
No surge protection needs, my general electrical system is brand new (rebuilt last summer) and my area is almost safe from surge issues.

So it’s just a question of pursue a better SQ or fine tuning, as audiophiles say…

From this possible changes I was also evaluating if introducing 2 P15s in respect of the 2 P12s would give me a big improvement, and the cost here is not subtle so the improvement must be significant or I use money for other (new DS DAC MKII, new AirLens, new PerfectWave Phono preamp if and when PS Audio will launch and also new cables - now I have a full loom AQ Dragon HC and Source but it seems new Dragon interconnects soon will arrive).

I do appreciate your thoughts so much, one of the biggest merits of this forum I love.