Additional outlets for my P12

I am out of outlets and I have a couple of auxiliary items mainly my Node 2i and a Liberty Dac I want to hook up to my P12 has anyone added a additional outlets in a separate box not a power strip type that will work well? I was looking at something like this

I use a Furutech E-TP609 in front of my P5 but you could use it after just as well.

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Thanks more like it I figure if the P12 is doing the cleaning I dont need to add additional

What else do you have connected to the P12? Just keep in mind that it’s best to plug the components directly into the P12 as opposed to using something in between.

Hi current outlets M1200’s, BHK, Modwright PH9.0 Phono Pre, Technics SL120GAE, Sutherland Little Loco phono pre, Dr Feickert Blackbird, Modwright LX500 Cd Player, Node 2i, want add add an Topping D90

Take the 1200 out and substiture the Topping. This is an alternative for the TT and anything else you pick up.

A better option would be to find a used Blue Circle FX2 model

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