DS: Problems with pops and stacic

Still have issues with loud pops moving from PCM to DSD material. Also just static and noise - also very loud - when DSD plays as PCM on the DS.

This is getting to be a bother especially when you forget to tuen the volume down on different playlist material when the transition happens.

it has been like this since Huron or Redcloud whichever came first and I certainly hope it doesn;t blow my speaker drivers

When does this happen? Usually if DSD plays as PCM it’s because your setup isn’t but perfect - a volume setting somewhere is not at unity, etc. Getting things working is a bit perfect manner is neccessary for playing DSD. There’s a note in the How To’s that should help.

Are you using the bridge still? I finally stopped as I was tired of waiting. Using usb there is only the faintest tic switching to DSD but no pops or tics during playback. I haven’t tried using the bridge again.

I reported this in an earlier thread:

Exactly the same thing now except the noise and pops are even louder.

Does the bit perfect test pass? If not, something upstream from the DS is changing the data and there’s nothing the DS can do about that.

Yes, Bit Perfect passes

Which input are you receiving your DoP signals on? I’ve run DoP signals through my DS’s coaxial input almost every day going all the way back to release 1.21. And yet I think that I’ve only ever experienced a burst of static on a single occasion which I can recall.

Is it possible that there was an update to your source a couple of years ago which could be resulting in an intermittent DoP transmission bug from it?

Since your problem is intermittent, perhaps I should have suggested that the next time it’s happening that you run the bitperfect test.

The only change in Windom re ticks and pops that is different is the ramp up time after a transition. Do you have another source you can try and compare the PCM to DSD / the DSD to PCM transitions on compared to your current source?

I will run the Bit Perfect test again but I suspect it will pass too as it has on every other occasion previously.

Unfortunately I only have one streamer. My other source is a redbook CD transport.

Auralic updates their firmware fairly frequently and I have the latest updates.

Regular updates doesn’t rule-out the possibility that they might have introduced an intermittent bug in their DoP transmission algorithm a couple of years ago.