Clicking/Popping at Idle

I have the Memory Player and DirectStream DAC combo. And I am aware of the numerous reports of pops/clicks with the DSD when the PCM/DSD transitions occur. This is not what I am reporting. With Redcloud, those noise artifacts have dimensioned in frequency and intensity.

Again, this is different. It is a louder and more distinct, pop, and happens at idle, randomly. So I was playing a disc in the Memory Player and had to pause it when a visitor arrived. As I was sitting there and talking, with the system still paused, I would hear intermittent pops. They occurred at a frequency of every minute or two. Honestly, I have never had this happen before, but then again, I have not sat with the system paused for any significant amount of time either.

Not sure if this has been experienced by anyone else? I’m also not sure if this can be attributed to the MP or the DSD.

It may have been a while since this was first posted and I’m not sure if it has been discussed elsewhere but I’m now also suffering the pops and clicks impediment. As OP states it is only when playing SACD in DSD mode through the DS DAC and only started when I loaded the new “interim” firmware. Any thoughts out there???