POPs on the DirectStream Mk 1 (new info?)

I know this topic has been beat to death, however, I think I have a new twist on this issue.

When discussing popping sounds on the DS1, it’s typically been in reference to going to PCM to DSD or vice-versa. The culprit being a change in resolution.

I just wanted to point out that the change in format is not required. I recently converted my collection to DSD only. It still POPs if there is a changed in resolution.

I think the issue is still relevant because I’ve read that this has not gone away 100% with the DirectStream Mk. 2.

I’m hoping that if this in fact provides new information, and tech wizard @tedsmith discovers a solution for the Mk.2, there will be a way to pass it down to the Mk. 1.


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Hi Mike,
In my system:

  1. MK1 pops when I switch from PCM to DSD
  2. MK1 pops when I pause a DSD then resume
  3. MK1 pops when I skip from a DSD to another
    Pops go away only if I downgrade to Windom!

Edit: I use Roon for playback and streaming! I cannot confirm if that has anything to do with it.

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Yes, most of the popping on the Mk I are due to a bug in Sunlight. When I was working on Sunlight I had the ramp down and ramp up times for muting transitions set to a small number so I could hear them. I forgot to set it back to 10ms (or so) before I released the code. Roon does indeed “push Sunlight’s buttons” more than most other sources.


Thanks for the info. I’ll try going back to Windom.

I’d love for a Sunlight version 2, or whatever. At least with it, owners know that it was Ted’s final idea with the unit. Really, it is quite owed to existing (and future) owners.

edit: I might just explore older versions too, since I don’t have much material that needs quad rate.

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I know Ted is very busy right now however maybe in the near future us MK1 owners could start a go fund me to pay him to do us a new Sunlight2.


Using i2s inputs I personally don’t have a problem with transitions between tracks. It has always been better then other DAC’s.

I have no issues when using the Lumin app to stream music of any resolution from local network or Qoboz.

I do get a pop when using Jriver at end of DSD albums after last track.
No issues with lower rez on Jriver.

Jriver has given me issues off and on depending on their updates the last couple years, but possibly Sunlight is the issue at this point.

Everytime I see this thread I immediately think



That is strange that you get a pop at the end of a DSD recording with Sunlight on the mk1 with JRiver. I never had that issue.

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I run Jriver also for many years and don’t have pops. I have it set to gapless with a 2000 ms buffer. Otherwise when streaming Radio Parade, I get cutouts near the end of tracks with any DAC not just the DS. I am currently running v 29 however I have had it set this way since v 21.

I am guessing it is something in my JRiver settings, not the DSD Mk1.

No issues with any material or resolution when I use the Lumin app.


It feels wrong to leave a bug, or at least any unintended code that remained for test purposes, in the firmware as the bon voyage to the unit. I recall and appreciate how carefully Ted and PS Audio were in releasing Sunlight, and understand that these things happen. My career was devoted to tracking and releasing changes to customer facing systems. Also, I’m currently available…and in Colorado. :slight_smile:

I started adding delay to everything my roon audio signal, and it seems to help. My PST and BHK Pre have pops, too. It’s such a pain to figure out which part of my system is responsible sometimes. It distracts me from the music, which is the very last thing I want in my hifi.