DS Sr digital inputs - Any advantage to BNC over RCA?

As above.

May be investing in a CD transport that has a RCA digi out.
Looking to get a digital interconnect for it, have option for RCA - RCA, or RCA-BNC

From the DS input side, is there any advantage to BNC over RCA in the real world?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

BNC connectors are better when both sides use the connectors and one is using the correct cable/connector impedance. BNC has a positive engagement and lock into position. The connectors themselves are made to match the characteristic impedance of the cable used (RCA connectors are not).

In your use example there is no benefit. I would get RCA/RCA as the cable will be vastly more versatile for other uses as well.


Thanks Elk.

RCA it is then. :slight_smile:

Plus there’s no BNC connector on the DS DAC inputs:

Crikey…your right!

Only had the thing for nearly 2 years lol