DS Sr. vs Jr. when using RCA

This is asking for a friend. I have a DS Sr that is connected via XLR, so I know how good that sounds

The problem for him is that his integrated amp is RCA only. So the question is, does the gap narrow between the Sr and the Jr if you use RCA outputs? Or is it still quite a difference between the two?

Keep 'm real short pal, that’s what I’ld say…

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The build wait is long, but this remarkable device solved the problem for me in two systems. Everyone I have read from or heard from loves it, I won’t do without mine:


In my system, where my preamplfication and amplification really loved the gain from the balanced out of the DSD more than the single-ended this makes a great improvement.

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The DS Sr does better with only RCA than the DS Jr does. I.e. the Jr looses more with RCA compared to XLR than the Sr does.

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@tedsmith Thanks Ted! That settles it. I’ll get him to buy a DS Sr. I’m actually bringing mine over to him tonight for him to test it out. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll get blown away by the sound quality. He’s very familiar with the sound in my system already so he knows the DS is not a limiting factor.

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What I do is run both on my Sr. but disconnect the RCA’s which feed my Koss ESP/95X’s Exciter Box whennot in use. When in use, I turn off my M700’s which are XLR fed.

In the future, I plan on getting the STAX Tube Hybrid Amp which is XLR. I’ll simply build a switch box instead of using Y Adapters and risking have two live audio inputs into one.

Poor Man’s Preamp since both the DS Sr. and the STAX boxes have their own precision Volume controls.

As Ted and Paul have mentioned in the past. Running both XLR and RCA in parallel is not a good idea but I don’t believe you could do any long term damage ((check with PS Audio Tech Support - I’ve blown up a lot of non PS Audio crap in the past). If you need to connect them in Parallel, check with PSA first.

I have successfully used these with OPA 627 Op-Amps on Brown Dog Adapter Boards. and replaced the cheesy off brand capacitors and have had excellent success.


You can’t hurt the DS or DS Jr even if you short the outputs.
If using both the RCA and the XLR outputs at the same time sounds ok then you probably aren’t loosing much. The most likely problem with using both is a little hummm.


Thanks Ted. I feel better now. Enjoy your day.


I brought over my DS Sr. to my friends house (he’s testing a new amp) and I really impressed me. I’ve lived with the DS Sr. for a few years now, but I guess I’ve been taking it for granted. Hooking it up in his room was a revelation how GREAT it is.

And yes… he’s now buying a new amp AND a DS Sr.!