DSD Direct

I’m sending a Pure DSD signal from my HIFI Rose 150B steamer to the PS Audio Direct Stream DAC using the USB interface. Receiving the signal it is apparently a DOP signal. I have checked the signal sent and it is a Pure DSD signal. On the DAC screen it clearly states it is a DOP signal. How do I get this right?

I tested what happened when I send a DSD signal from the PS Audio DMP (SACD) but I get the same result (DOP).

Please advise on how to get a Pure DSD signal through.

It’s right, as far as I know. That is how PSA “packages” DSD for transmission to the DAC.

Search the forum for “DOP” to learn more.


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I may stand corrected.

See here:

Hopefully, others will chime in.

Good luck.

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