DSD download files that highlight the DirectStream's capabilities?

I have ordered a DirectStream to replace my PWD but currently don’t possess any DSD files, only several SACDs. Since those won’t do my any good until the DST is released this fall, I figure I should go ahead an buy some DSD downloads. I’ve read through the forums here but thought I’d ask again as time has marched on since some of them have had any activity and perhaps new discoveries have been made.

I’d like opinions regarding any downloads that you have found clearly demonstrate the DSD playback qualities of the DS versus its redbook skill. I’d like to buy a few that perhaps I can compare to redbook to determine just how much I want to explore DSD downloads. I plan to use the NativeDSD free samples, but those don’t have redbook versions to compare. I’d like them to be music that I’d listen to often, but of course I’m the only one who knows which those would be.

Right now I’m planning to download a few albums that I already own and actually listen to with some regularity, such as Miles Davis Kind of Blue, Fritz Reiner’s Scheherazade (SACD remaster by Acoustic Sounds), Getz Gilberto and maybe a Sarah Fischer violin album.

Any other recommendation specifically for this purpose?

You might find some of the information in this short thread interesting/helpful - it includes links to at least a couple of other great threads:

I know you can’t compare - but the opus3 double Dsd recordings are great. I like the audio showcase series. These are the best recordings I have heard

The DSD version of Cat Stevens’s Tea for the Tillerman, available from Acoustic Sounds. A classic album that you may have on CD, with better SQ than I have heard on any other version.

One that you can’t compare, but whose sound is stunning: the recent Reference Recordings album of Beethoven’s 5th and 7th Symphonies with Manfred Honeck leading the Pittsburgh SO. Gives me shivers every time I hear it.

I second the suggestion for Opus3.

Holly Cole, “Temptation”

Carpenters, “Singles 1969-1981”

Various Artists, “25 Tracks from 25 Years of Recording,” Jared Sacks’ collection of favorites from his Channel Classics label (drool drool)

Thx for the tips guys. I saw the RR Beethoven on NativeDSD and almost snagged it. I’m an odds guy and #7 is my favorite of all. I’ll check out Opus 3.

If you like Elton john tumbleweed connection , it’s great music and atleast three tracks that are outstanding for its sound quality . Keep,in mind close up mic Music for me shows just how good the ds is .

Acpustic sounds are very good as is the company ran by cooky Mareno. Sorry I cannot remember the name .

The cat Stevens mentioned is good and better than its cd or PCM hi Rez.

Stereo 57 vol 2 there is no one from acoustic sounds it’s Elvis Presley and there is no need to like the guy as you will love him after pkYing this compilation.

Opus three no 3 is also great .

Michael Jackson thriller and the one with billy jean is very good and shows dynamics that the DS can showcase .

Just got the Elvis. This one is really fun but it is all outtakes so each tune will have Elvis cracking up at a flub or something. I am truly entertained by this and it really gives a human side to the King but it may not be for everybody. Thanks for this one, Al! Are there other Elvis ones that you recommend (any format)? He is rather under represented in my collection, to say the least.

Shelby Lynne, "Just A Little Lovin’ "