DS Sr or PST upgrade?

Background: Main system is Cambridge CXC > DSjr (Windom) > SGCD > 2 M700s > B&W CM10s2s (plus Rega for vinyl). I don’t stream much to this system, but play a lot of physical CDs. About 1000+ CDs and 15 SACDs. The SACDs are ripped, so I’m currently playing Redbook completely.

Fairly happy with the sound I’m getting but planning next step to eek out the last bit.

Would I be better served picking up a PST to replace the CXC and feeding the DSjr, OR better replacing the DSjr with the DirectStream DAC (current or upcoming) and sending the CXC to that?

Happy to get any thoughts, or experiences with PST to DSjr or CD transport to DSsr.


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Given that I don’t believe the CXC reads SACDs, I’d go for the PST and feed it via I2S to whichever DAC will take it, and then worry about updating the DAC later. Especially with the PST promo on now.

To be clear, the use case is 99-100% redbook CDs. I do have the handful of SACDs, so that capability is a bonus, but one I can easily do without.

So I suppose a better way to ask is which combo gives me more bang for the buck as a CD transport/DAC combo: the PST going into a DirectStream Jr, or a solid CD transport (CXC) feeding the DirectStream DAC Sr? Or is it a wash?

DSD Sr. II definitely, time is ideal and improvement much more promising.

DS Jr. is a nice DAC. A lot of forum members speak highly of it.
The PST is the way I’d go.

I own the DSD Sr. And the Jr. I also have a PST. With the current sale of the PST at $3999 to me it is a no brainer to get the PST and use it with your most excellent DSD Jr. DAC.

A very easy choice as far as I am concerned. The PST makes Redbook cds sound wonderful!


I recently bought a PST and it is hands down the best CD transport I have have heard. If you can swing buying one, it is the way to go!

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In my redbook world, everything starts with the transport. DACs have come and gone, but my PWT has remained the rock of my system. Make your transport the best it can be!


PST as with the DS Sr. soon to be replaced there should be plenty of the current model for sale after the first of the year from members at better prices. Might even find one with the transformer upgrade already done.

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PST has replaced my Oppo205. Both can play SACD and feed into DS DAC, and I was using I2S connection in both. The difference? PST is way better than Oppo and the Wadia transport (does not play SACD) that I owned. I will probably replace DAC a few times before I even think bout replacing PST.

Have you gave thought to upgrading to a premium preamp instead?

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I had the same set up but I was using the DSD sr. The DSD sr running direct sounded better than the SGCD. I’m assuming the DSD Jr would sound better also without the SGCD. I also agree with @mark-d when I upgraded to the BHK preamp it improved sound from the DSD Sr! I would consider upgrading the SGCD.

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Oh great, another variable/option!


+1 here. I would consider a better preamp, and wait for the upcoming transport or DAC early next year. The gain to analogue and digital playback would be remarkable.

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