DSD into a phono/solid state hybrid preamp

Yes I will definitely be trying that, the CD Dac I am using now is fed directly into my amps via balanced cables, 4 volt single ended vs 8 volt balanced, and I am completely happy with the results. And I was just over there reading all that, wow, tough crowd.
Too funny with the “playing dog pile on the rabbit” I never heard that expression before. I think it’s a keeper.

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Do not kick the dog and you will not get bit. I have never understood complaining the dog bites after deliberately taunting it to do so.

On topic: It is well worth trying both going direct into the amp and through a good preamp. You may well find one works substantially better than the other.

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…unless that dog is a Pit Bull - then all bets are off!

Sadly, there is truth to this. Too many perfectly nice dogs are trained/treated to be aggressive. There are few bad dogs, but a great many bad owners.

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Well stated.

Elk, you just made my point perfectly! You are supposed to be the group moderator. Instead you could not leave my comment alone you just had to reply and than the other dogs have to chime in. Not very moderate to me.

You should have never made the comment.

Again, stop kicking the dog or live with the little nips you receive.

You have not been brutally treated, even after you gratuitously threw fuel on the fire - although you did sustain some minor first-degree burns as a result. :face_with_head_bandage:

You can avoid further injury by refraining from continuing to stir things up. That is, conform to the standard you wish others to follow.

You are completely free to express your observations, opinions, prejudices, etc. But this is a public forum and others are just as free to comment - even me.

Sorry, there are no safe spaces here and no trigger warnings given. It is a rough and tumble forum.

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@840wolf That is a great story! Amazing how things play out. As broad an industry as it is, it sure presents itself small in so many ways.

Here is a pic of my diminutive Hegeman Model 1a’s next to my Omega Super Alnico High Output XRS’s

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Sweet. They look like they are at a perfect listening height, or close to it. The cabinet looks flawless, and they look brand new. Very nice job on the restoration.