DSD JR. awesome CD sound

Just wanted to share my experience with my recent purchase of a used DSD JR. DAC, moving up from a PWD MK ll . I only play cd’s fed from my PWT. no streaming. its a great and noticeable upgrade. I really couldn’t be happier. more of everything. every adjective used by audio reviewers qualify. really gets the most of those cd’s. I tend to be single branded in my system and have built a few over the years, currently all PS Audio, BHK 250 , BHK pre , DSD Jr. with a PWT transport. Stellar phono pre with a VPI turntable and Sonus Faber Olympica lll’s all cardas cable’s. my next is a power supply, I have an old Power Director that I have been using for years a great old pc, but im thinking a ps10 or 15 . in the future. but this has been my best sounding system to date. Thanks


Congratulations! You have a very nice system.

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The DSD Jr. is an impressive piece of kit. Good choice.


PWT and DSD DAC go together like peanut butter and jelly

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And not just off the shelf peanut butter and jelly!