PWT vs Apple Music

I have recently replaced my old gear with a DS sr and BHK 250 and am in love with everything I hear. My wife last week was organizing storage in the basement and asked what all these boxes were that said CD’s and could she toss them out. Years ago I ripped around 2500 CD’s to ALAC and have been listening via computer ever since so she thought why are we storing these useless CD’s. Now that apple music has hi-res and loseless I pretty much don’t ever even listen to my ripped CD’s short of the few that apple doesn’t have.

SO i’ll cut to the chase here. I just saw a PWT for sale for $1250. Would this thing be worn out by now, could it be repaired if it poops out? Wondering how redbood CD’s in a PWT via IS2 into my DS sr. would compare to Apple Music minimum 48k/24bit through USB? I love the ease of a digital library but I generally listen to full albums most of the time anyway so putting a disk in a machine wouldn’t bother me. Also assuming the remote for the DS sr can control the PWT?

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If you want to play CD’s via I2S to the DS Sr. and don’t want to buy used any of the Nuprime players will do the job. I used one for four years before upgrading to the Jays CDT3 Mk 3. You can buy the Nuprime from AA and have 30 days to try it too.

The PWT is a great transport. If the drive should ever fail they are easy to replace. Yes the remote for the Directstream DAC will control it and it will sound better that Apple music for sure. I have a PST and a PWT. I enjoy them both. I appreciate the touch screen display with cover art. I miss that on the PST.


i have PWT and PST feeding DS jr and sr in my systems, they compete with Roon Tidal and Quboz via the bridge 2. It isn’t a fair fight, in general red book cd sound quality is significantly better. I would get an I2S transport.

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