DSD MONO MUSIC ! how and possible?

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I Wonder how dsd mono is made?

For example if i take a pcm remastered to mono, all them are 2 channels (if you look at the audio info whit for example dbpoweramp) but what about dsd is a dsd mono remaster whit one or more channel?

And how is the remastered done from a mono master tape to mono dsd? Because i belive all soundcards are stereo ones, also when you play mono music via computer the computer itselft can only play or “translated” the music in 2 channels right?

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Most of the time for CDs, DVDs, SACDs, etc. if Mono is the desired output, they just make sure that the left and right outputs are identical.

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Hi Ted

very interesting! So in the end, we can say a remastered mono dsd never going to be like a remastered mono lp, there when you listen with a mono cartridge is real One channel music?



Well if you really want “true mono” you’d have to use only one speaker directly in front of you (and would only need one channel of everything.) :slight_smile:

Given that almost all of us use two speakers there’s a split from mono to two identical channels somewhere: there’s little practical difference between splitting mono into two channels with your preamp than with the source for your DAC.


Yes is truth