Mono? Then why do they sell it with two channels?

I had been have mono music från hdtracks and cds, that were remastered to mono;

But when i see the peoperties of the audio files, whit dbpoweramp, i see that it says: 2 channels;

So why do it remastered in mono when it is a 2 channel music?

Do tge mean that the mono file is share in 2 or half whit one half to left and the other to right?

Why then when a needle drop, made whit a mono cartridge is in one channel only, when i see the file whit dbpoweramp?

What is the differences?

For me it feels that for real mono, the uadio file, must be in one channel only! Now is up to you if you want to listen to it, whit one speaket or 2.

If it is truly mono the music in the right and left channel is identical, so it’s still mono. In the days when mono was the only way to get music home the source (record or tape) only had one channel and the mono electronics were connected to one speaker. Now that stereo is the rage, everyone has two (or more) speakers. So if you bought a mono LP, CD or download and the signal was only in one channel then it would only play on one speaker. I don’t think that would go over to good with the finicky consumer. So they put the same signal in both channels. It plays on two speakers, but it is mono. The only difference of one speaker versus two is two can produce a center image, but none of the right/left soundstage artifacts that a good stereo can.


I fully agree, but it is a fun question.

When playing mono and I have a balance control I turn one channel off. Mono through a single speaker possesses remarkable depth.

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this is interesting; then i mean i can use to chose to listen whit the left channel or right in my amp, and listen with one speaker only, to make it sound like mono in one speaker? i mean if the signal are identical, then i can chose, to listen to one speaker only ?

yes i had try that to, and i agreed, but my speakers are small or normal STANDMOUNT speaker, so the sound is not so “big” but im looking to buy a big old second hand speaker, so soon (i hope next year) i will try it :grinning:;

then i can compare my one channel vs 2 channels needle drop, of kind of blue mono 1959 :blush:

By all means, try just one speaker. Might sound a little odd with the typical stereo speaker set up, i.e., one speaker on the left side and one on the right, but this is a free test!