Hey guys currently I have only a couple of DSD downloads as they are not inexpensive. I love what this DAC does with PCM and MP3 and would like some suggestions on DSD recordings that will really show what this DAC can do with this format.

I’m neither Paul nor Ted, but see this thread for mainly classical suggestions. Blue Coast has a bunch of non-classical stuff also. A great way to start is with the Opus 3 sampler, which is cheap and has some great-sounding material. A convenient source, which aggregates material from several labels, is nativedsd.com – you know you’re not getting upsampled PCM.

You might also want to check out this thread: music-forum/dowloading-music

In addition, http://dsd-guide.com/free-downloads offers free DSD samples from various record labels. Apparently, they’re posted on a limited basis, so you might want to check the site regularly to see when their offerings change.