DSD128 playback

Hi all,

Got a bunch of files that I acquired and are mostly DSD128, with the odd DSD256 and DSD512 lying around too.

I was wondering, if I went ahead and ripped my DSD128’s to a DVD-R would my PSA gear play that DVD back as DSD128 as it should be? Or would there be some kind of limitation, and be played back as DSD64 or even PCM?

The player in question is a DMP that connects to my DSJ d/a over the I2S connection.

Well, I’m not sure about the DMP, cause I’m lazy and don’t like lifting my fat butt out of my chair to change discs…so instead, I use a NAS and run everything out of itunes.

I have taken DSD128 files(which started out in the DSF format but you can use true DSD files) then converted them to DOP files(DSD over PCM) by using a program called ‘DSD Master’…so Itunes can see it and play it in tandem with a program called ‘bitperfect’. The cool thing about this method is it allows you to play DSD files using a good quality USB cable instead of I2S…which otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

The DS DAC Sr has no issues playing DSD128 files as DSD128 using this method(and it shows-up as such in the display)…not sure about DSD256 and DSD512. I don’t have files that are THAT many times DSD and I’m jealous.

Just curios, where do you find files that big? All the SACD files I find are always DSD64.

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Blue Coast Music/Records sell native DSD.
BitPerfect also plays the DSD portion of the DSD Master Hybrid ALAC DSF file natively via USB. On my iMac Bit Perfect can play DoP and DSD native up to DSD128 to my Stellar Gain Cell DAC, it can not handle more. I trust the DS DAC Sr and Jr can handle up to DSD 256 or even DSD 512.

Blue Coast Records starts standardizing on DSD 256. How much sense it makes to climb that ladder so high as your computer might get into trouble handling that amount of data, processor speed, USB controller capable of providing that continuous stream of bits, disk space? I don’t know. My top of the line Retina iMac struggles with 384 kHz PCM, or maybe it’s the DAC chip inside the Stellar. Strange enough DSD 128 works.
But it is all guessing a bit too, as my Stellar does not show the file format, bitrate and/or sample frequency for USB input, apparently a firmware issue, which PS Audio has not fixed yet, even after repeatedly reporting this missing feature.

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Hi Ryan,

So far with the DMP/DSjr combo I had been using pcm and DSD up to DSD64. The larger files I purchase (mostly from NativeDSD.com -highly recommended!!!) go up to DSD512 and I play those back in my scond, office system using Foobar.

Was thinking about putting all my DSD128’s in a DVD and bring them back home to play them via the DMP, should I get actual DSD128 playback. When I use the DMP’s USB slot I only have fed them DSD64’s.

I suppose my 256’s and 512’s I’ll have to convert them to DSD64 (or 128 if the DMP gets to play them back as 128 on the DMP) using Tascam Hi-Res Editor.

Just wondering if anybody had experience having played discs with files DSD128 and better via DMP and matching PSA dac.


Thanks Rudolph,

Yes I’ve got files from Native DSD and from Cookie’s too. They sound great but worry the DMP/DSJ combo might not play it back further than DSD64.

Will burn a disc with such files when I get back home, and give it a go see what happens!

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Another option I may try. Ordered a Lumin U1 Mini which will go to my PSA DSJ dac probably using USB. The Mini is supposed to support up to DSD128 so putting those files in a thumbdrive and playing them back through the Lumin would be a good Plan B I guess.

OK burned a disc with DSD128 and… no joy unfortuntely.

I get PCM 176 on my DSJ’s screen so I guess for the DSD128 files I’m going via the Lumin.

Sorry to read so.
But, perhaps as expected. Let me know how the Lumin works out.
The Lumin is advertised to stream even DSD 256.
Not sure the DSDJ can handle DSD 256.
I am really curious.

Will do Rudy.

I really think you will like playing files from a server instead of the MP…its a cheap change if you already have a computer

If you play music files from your computer ever(especially if you have a mac) it would be best to play with bitperfect anyways. Otherwise you can use my previous instructions.

Otherwise, i think someone else will need to stepin and provide instructions for the MP only. Sorry i couldnt help more. Is that what the new MP will be able to do…multiple times DSD past DSD128?

Hi Ryan, I use the Bridge II too (generally prefer JRiver to Roon and others) but I will be going for a dedicated streamer from now on.

Let’s see how the Lumin responds with DSD128 files over USB.

DS DAC plays DSD 128, unfortunately DSD 256 does not.
I compared DSD 128 and DSD 256 (www.nativedsd.com), you can hear the difference. Two years ago I decided on SACD discs and I have about 300 of them. In order not to disturb the feeling of satisfaction, I now avoid comparisons with DSD 128 files.

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Got a couple of hundred SACD’s myself, love them.


I sympathize with what you say. But I enjoy my music in any format, thus I find it sad that Manufacturers abandon technology while those who own so much of that good music have to wonder what to do with it in the future. So good thing PS Audio found a supplier for the upcoming SACD/CD player. I like my DSD 128 (DSD Master converted) through Bit Perfect from my Mac



You can rip all your old SACDs to your server if you purchase an old OPPO 103…i got one on craigslist for $300.

Instructions here: