DSD (Sr) showing input as PCM for DSD files

Greetings! Just playing around with DSD files this morning. I purchased The Dave Brubeck Quintet’s Time Out because I have it on vinyl, cd, and now DSD format. You can see where I’m going with having different sources of the same thing…

This is mostly just for fun and to experiment and better understand my new equipment. I was able to achieve what I set out to do, which was see something other than PCM input. However, I was expecting to see DSD and not ”DOP” with rate ”DSD64”. Is this what I should expect? This is via roon through the bridge.

I am familiar with the manual, but may have overlooked something. I just updated the firmware to Windom this week and am just having so much fun with the technology. Any input from you all would be appreciated.

Finally, and differently from the DOP, I was able to play the dsf files on an old MacBook pro, connected to the Sr via usb, but it remained labeled “PCM”. Is that because I didn’t use HDMI For Is2?

Again, thanks!

DoP is DSD over PCM. That is how some protocols send DSD.

Unfortunately I’ve been stuck away form home so I cannot confirm that is what mine shows or not.

If the album you bought is DSD64 sounds like everything is working as intended.

You can check with Roon in endpoint settings for how it handles DSD.

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I see that DOP is fine and expected now for roon over ethernet. I understand that and revisited the manual. Cool.

About the MacBook, I’m still confused about the PCM. I originally tried VOX and have now tried Pine to play the files. Still coming to the Sr as PCM and with a high rate well over 192k, but I want the input to read DSD…just for fun and my own understanding. How do I force that? When I revisited the manual, I see that USB should be able to do this.

In ROON in settings go to audio and find the DSD and click on the gears for changes to settings and choose “native” then your files should be passed without DOP.

Thanks, watchdog507! I think you are getting me closer. However, I’m not seeing the “exclusive” field for some reason where native is selected. I checked requirements, and though some avenues shoudn’t show (i.e. don’t allow) mine should. I’ll bring it up with roon. Again, thanks for chiming in folks.

I’m now thinking that everything is in DSP settings, and most specifically in the sample rate section of DSP. Anyway, it’s been fun playing with roon and all of its options. I never did get past seeing DoP (DSD over PCM) on the Sr, but I’m not sure how important this really is to me, just learning and playing around a bit.

I’d be interested in learning more about what settings others have found ideal settings within roon. The vast number of variables will keep ideal settings different from room to room…ear to ear, but it would still be interesting to know. Cheers! Thanks for the feedback.

Finally on the subject, the manual says, “It is possible to send DSD files (without conversion to DoP) over DirectStream’s I2S inputs as well as USB.” It also says that many apps make it DOP first. So, I guess I’m looking for that app that doesn’t do this. I don’t think it’s VOX or Pine Player…other than that though, this excercise is complete. Roon is using ethernet cable, so can’t expect other than DoP or PCM, if I’m reading that right.

There’s no problem with using DoP. The DAC will still see the exact DSD bits that are in the source file (or disc.) FWIW the DS immediately changes DSD to DoP internally just so it doesn’t have to have multiple internal wireing paths.