DSJ and Power Cables - please share your experiences

I’ve seen plenty of topics on power cables and how different ones perform with the DS, but not specifically with the DSJ and Redcloud. I am about to be a proud owner of a DSJ and am wondering if ya’ll have experienced with power cables and noticed any differences or improvements.

I’m considering some Morrow Audio cables (MAP1 and MAP2) because there is a good sale going on right now.

Any issues with Watt Gate connectors and the proximity to the power button?


Using a Cullen Cable Red Copper power cord.

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That cable seems very reasonably priced. What did you notice vs. stock?

I’m using the PSA AC3 with my Junior plugged directly into a wall outlet (P5 regulator on order). I haven’t really noticed any difference from the stock power chord, but I have not played around switching cables back and forth, listening, changing, listening. I just switched the cables after getting my AC3 and never looked back.

Never put the stock one on. It’s still in the box. I moved it from my other DAC (Schiit Gumby). and put another power cable on the Gumby. I’ve had the DS Jr just under a month.

FYI, Cullen Cable is run by Patrick Cullen, son of Rick Cullen from Cullen Circuits, whose company previously did lots of mods and work for PS Audio (and other companies). Patrick is reasonably priced and easy to deal with.

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I just sent Patrick an e-mail to see what power cable he recommends. Thanks for the tip.

Have you compared the Schiit Gungnir to the DS Jr?

Yes. They are wired to the same Roon endpoint, a Sonore microRendu. DS Jr. is fed with an I2s cable, and the Gumby via SPDIF coaxial. (Signal is split through a Sonore Ultradigital). Volumes are set to roughly the same level. I find the DS Jr. to be more satisfying with a fuller “more precise” sound. The DS Jr. is still breaking in, so I’m sure it will get even better.

Thanks for the feedback. How do you wire both devices to a Sonore Microrendu? I thought it only had 1 usb output? Have you tried comparing the Microrendu to the network bridge that comes built into the DS Jr?

I bough the DS Jr because so I wouldn’t need another box+power supply cluttering up my living room.

I just noticed how you split the signal.

Have not listened to the bridge enough to make a valid comparison between it and being fed by the mR.

Jeeeez, talk about analysing the infinitesimally small. Seriously, without wishing to sound imprudent, just stand back and look at the big picture. I’ve got a hunch that the question of “what power cable works best” would apply equally to the question “what power cable works best with DSJ running Redcloud”.

To which I would say:

  1. AC-3 is good
  2. AC-5 is better
  3. AC-12 is best.

I don’t bother with any other brand power cable. AC-3 is good enough for most installations.

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I ended up buying a morrow audio MAP2 power cord that I found used on audiogon for pretty cheap. My DSJ is in production now apparently, but there is a delay due to a subcomponent shortage. I will report back once I get the unit in and break it in for a couple weeks.

Takes 4 days running 24 Hrs a day to open up…the process is amazing. Ive never heard anything change as much through breakin before.

I cant stop listening :-/

Are you referring to the DSJ? I’ve had it about 1 week and I’m really loving it so far.

Yes I am.

yeah its pretty amazing. I must say I was a bit worried when I first plugged it in…so I was just saying (in-case) that it takes a while to open up.


Try Synergistic Research cables, you won’t regret.

Zheng4: I am using a Morrow Audio MAP2 power cable and it is working nicely.

I played a lot of music over the weekend via roon using the network bridge and I have to say WOW. My girl friend is also amazed how good eveything is sounding. Even spotify sounds amazing. So much air, detail, and punch when called for. I am extremely satisfied with the DSJ so far and I’m sure it has more breaking in to do. Probably have only 30-40 hours on it so far.

For reference, my previous DAC (a benchmark DAC1 USB) has been relegated to desktop usage.