Power Cable Matters

So I was lucky enough to grab a used AC5 at a good price, the owner have not use it for some time.
It came in excellent condition with box. I connected it to my DSj as the consensus indicate this
makes most difference. I use a headphone system with DMP. It was awful at first, so I let the cable
run for the entire day until late at night.

Wow, it made a gigantic leap in SQ. It’s not that I was using stock cable before. I was using top of
the line LFD power cables. But maybe the extra shielding makes big improvement. The extra details,
and layers of music can now be heard. Headphone soundstage became wider. I am a happy camper.

I still have 2 more levels of audio ecstasy coming as I wait for the Snowmass for DSj and a Power
Plant Regenerator on their way. Probably just send my family to Mexico for Christmas while I stay
behind with my cans.

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