I have recently purchased my first PS Audio gear and am excited to place it into my system. I am expecting the DSJ here soon and have a few questions concerning Roon/DSP/MQA integration with DSJ as my end point. My chain will look like below:

QNAP NAS (Roon Core) -> Ethernet Network -> DSJ -> ATI AT522NC -> Radian DIY Speakers

I want to utilize Roon’s DSP Engine Link for some room correction on the low end. Will utilizing the DSP effect the MQA at the DSJ end point? Or will the MQA file unfold to the first layer and then pass along the High Rez file to the DSJ. I will know soon enough, just wanting to get a head start on it. Thanks for your time.


The Bridge II update for Roon-MQA support has not been released yet (should be soon). I believe MQA requires that a bit-perfect signal be received for the MQA flags to be recognized so my guess is that if you apply DSP before the Bridge it will not unfold MQA files. It’s possible that if and when Roon supports the first unfold in software that you could do that unfold in Roon and then send the file to the DS Jr (with no further unfolding in the DS) but, again, that’s just a possibility and would depend on whether Roon does the unfolding before applying DSP, for one thing.

And welcome to the forum! Let us know how you like your DS Jr.

That’s what I’m hoping is the case, I’m putting a post up on Roons forum too to see if i can get some insight on this. All i’m really looking for is the first layer of MQA unfold and then let the DSJ do it’s thing. I can test it using Tidals desktop app w/ software unfold and a basic Windows API EQ (driver based) then run from a pc to the DSJ. I know it might be a pipe dream but having MQA, DSP, Roon, Tidal, and DSJ integration all working harmoniously would be the bees knees.

Cool. Keep us posted on how it works out.

I’m going to try to run DSP through a windows driver APO EQ. I don’t think Roon decodes MQA yet so i will have to go through Tidal desktop app initially. This should place the DSP on the output driver which would be after the first level of unfolding by Tidal. Here are some links below on how I plan to test:


The second link is for headphones but it's the same process for loudspeakers.