How should MQA play display on DSJr?

Is it not clear to me that MQA tracks are properly playing on DSJr Bridge II via Roon library or Tidal through ROON.

When i play an MQA track from Tidal on ROON, i get the following:


When it plays on DSJr: the screen shows:


Is this correct? Should it not show MQA or something to indicate MQA streaming?

When i play an MQA track from my library that is FLAC 44.1kHz 24bit and MQA 352.8 kHz,

The DSJr. shows:

44.1 Hz

Can anyone confirm all is normal?

On DSJr, i have Bridge II 3.4.5 and Redcloud.

Many thanks!

Try turning off PEQ, or disable DSP completely, I don’t think you can have any DSP running with MQA. And if you think that’s bad, wait till they flip the switch on Digital Rights Management that the record companies want so desperately, and is the only reason they are going along with MQA at all.

I agree that you likely have too much stuff turned on in Roon, otherwise you would not have all the conversions. It should look something like this in Roon:


And the display on the DSJ says (for this particular track):





The period after “MQA” denotes “studio” or whatever they call it - I think it’s full unfold. Otherwise it would just say MQA with no period.

David, Badbeef,

Quite right - when i take out the single node DSP reduction at 48hz, i get an MQA stream running out of the DSJ. Odd to a layperson that DSP would negate MQA functionality. Seems like it should operate independently. I am not sold on MQA - why not go lossless in the first place? – but would like to give it a listen.

And Badbeef, thanks for the note on the “.” I thought it was an error but see it has extra meaning. If it does mean full unfold, i think the choice of the symbol is clever. It is a full stop, as in done and can’t go further.

“why not go lossless”. Probably the goal of MQA is to facilitate streaming, which is now the dominant form of music sale.